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Old 04-26-2004 , 11:30   MessageMode
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it's function avaible with adminmod and converted to use with amx.
tape messagemode on your console
after tape on console amx_messagemode <AMX FUNCTION>
and say <variable>.

Exemple :
messagemode (optionnal but more easy)
amx_messagemode amx_slay

if you say
the player is slayed
after if you say
"Taz-devil" taz-devil is slayed
amx_nomessagemode to deactivate

you can do this with all amx command.
If you want to see all your "say" with amx_tsay format and green color.
Bind sample:
bind "z" "amx_messagemode amx_tsay green;messagemode"
bind "x" "amx_nomessagemode"
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you just have to add the sma file, it'll make a compiled download link for you
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Ok thx
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Please read rules before posting plugins.
(include <amxmodx>)
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nice plugin, This plugin was on our server before amx x didnt relise what it was used for until now !
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Old 04-26-2004 , 15:32   JUST AN FYI
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FYI - i use this plugin in conjunction with :




to make admin chatting and (x)says be bindable to keys such as the following schema:

Admin Messagemode
Provides bindable wrapper commands for admin chat messages (inspired by plugin_sank_chatmode from sank for AdminMod).

Just bind one of the commands to a key, e.g.
  • bind "o" "amx_tsaymode"
You can use that key like the normal "say"-command and type your message directly to the "say-line" without pulling down the console. Your message will be displayed as the corresponding admin chat message (e.g. amx_tsay).

A default color can be set in the clients local variable "_mcol", e.g. by "setinfo _mcol red". This color will be used if none is specified in the first word of the message.


------------------Admin Reference------------------------------------------

Link: http://amxmod.net/amx-showplugin.php?id=36659

Plugin: admin_messagemode.amx

_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ________________

This is a replacement for the default adminchat plugin. All credit
for orginal coding goes to OLO below. Added are a few features
to make this "Deluxe Admin Chat".
  • Usage (console)

    amx_say <message>
    amx_chat <message>
    amx_psay <player> <message>
    amx_tsay <optional color> message
    amx_csay <optional color> <message>
    amx_fsay <x postion> <y postion> <optional color> <message>
    amx_scrollsay <optional color> <message>

Also supports clanmod method of issuing these types of hudmessages
from the chat:
  • Usage (say):
    say @@@ <optional color> <message> is amx_scrollsay from chat
    say @@ <optional color> <message> is amx_csay from chat
    say @ <optional color> <message> is amx_tsay from chat
    say ## <message> is amx_chat from chat
    say # <player> <message> is amx_psay from chat

Some of those feaures include new commands like fsay and scrollsay.
Also added we the repeat of the csay/tsay etc message in the console,
in case you missed reading it before it disappeared or got over-
written by another csay/tsay so you can still catch what was said.
Additionally, messages no longer need to be enclosed in quotation
Lastly, added are shortcuts for all commands. You may use them
without the "amx_" extension at the beginning. Instead of "amx_fsay",
just do "fsay". By default the message includes the admins name so
everyone knows where its from, but if you add an extra "y" to the
end of the command, the admins name will not appear in the on screen
message. To make separate lines in your message, use the standard
carriage return, "^n" (no quotes) between your lines -- up to
10 lines allowed. You may use thse comamnds through the console
or rcon as well. They are serverside and clientside commands.

Updated to include 16,777,216 colors for tsay,csay,fsay, and scrollsay.
You can use the original colors: white,red,green,blue,yellow,magenta,
and cyan. You can also specify a custom color by making one out of the
3 primary colors red, green, and blue. Preceed your color # with an
exclaimation point, then without any spaces type three 3 digit numbers
ranging from 0-255. First is red, then green, then blue. If you dont
want to type the numbers again, the server will remeber the last custom
color you did for the duration of the map. Simply put the excaimation
mark and no number.

Custom color examples:

amx_tsay !255010189 message (thats 255 red, 10 green, 189 blue)
amx_tsay ! message (that repeats previous custom color)

The command amx_myhudcolor sets your default hudmessage color as
whatever your current hud color is and writes it to file so that it
is permanently saved and loaded each map until you set a new one for

----------------------------Admin Info----------------------------------------
file: amx_ejl_adminchat.amx

link: http://www.tcwonline.org/~amxmodx/fo...opic.php?t=895
Hope this wasnt too confusing.. the key part of this is using the amx_messagemode <AMX FUNCTION> which lets my admins bind keys to their tsays, csays, amx_chat, etc by doing the following: bind "o" "amx_tsaymode" either in console or in their config.cfg file.
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Old 04-26-2004 , 17:23  
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choose a category
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Old 11-21-2011 , 16:42   Re: MessageMode
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nice plugin
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