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[CSS] Hostage Manager

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    Changes Hostages in CS:S
    Old 07-08-2010 , 16:51   [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    Hostage Manager for CS:S

    Plugin allows to change standard hostages (for now only models & sounds).

    First hostage manger was HostiTron:Source written by c0ldfyr3. Because its old, close source and crash my server i decide to port it to SourceMOD.

    -Hostage Models change (up to 32 models)
    -Hostage Sounds change (will block standard, up to 64 sounds)
    -Models /Sounds Group system. Only plays sounds for models in the same gorup (by default up to 10 gorups, from 0 to 9)
    -Command based config - this allow to have for example different config set for each map (using another plugin)
    -Autoupdate (require Plugin Autoupdate by MikeJS)

    sm_hostmgr - Control plugin state 1=Plugin On; 0=Off
    sm_hostmgr_models - Should replace models, 1=Yes 0=No
    sm_hostmgr_sounds - Should use custom sounds (will block standard), 1=Yes 0=No
    sm_hostmgr_autoupdate - Autoupdate plugin 1=Yes 0=No (Require Plugin Autoupdate by MikeJS)

    Server Side Hostage Models:

    Commands: (Server Commands)
    sm_hmgr_clear - Reset models & sounds configs (except download table)
    sm_hmgr_addmodel - Add model, syntax: <path_to_model> [group=0]
    PHP Code:
    //Ads model to Korinv1_01.mdl to default group 0
    sm_hmgr_addmodel "hostitron/korin_v1/Korinv1_01.mdl"
    //like above
    sm_hmgr_addmodel "hostitron/korin_v1/Korinv1_01.mdl" 0
    //Ads model Korinv1_02.mdl to group 1
    sm_hmgr_addmodel "hostitron/korin_v1/Korinv1_02.mdl" 
    sm_hmgr_addsound - Add sound, syntax: <path> <type:0-Pain,1-Use,2-Unuse> [group=0]
    PHP Code:
    //Adds Pain sound to gorup 1
    sm_hmgr_addsound "hostitron/girls/hpain/hpain1.wav" 0 1
    //Adds use sound to gorup 1
    sm_hmgr_addsound "hostitron/girls/huse/youlead.wav" 1 1
    //Adds UnUse sound to gorup 1
    sm_hmgr_addsound "hostitron/girls/hunuse/illstayhere.wav" 2 1 
    sm_hmgr_adddownloadlist - Add files to download table from list, syntax: <path_to_list>
    PHP Code:
    sm_hmgr_adddownloadlist "cfg/sourcemod/hmgr/korinfiles.txt" 
    sm_hmgr_adddownload - Add single file to download table
    syntax: <path_to_file>
    sm_hmgr_print - Print current config

    -You can download server-side hostage models from:

    -In zip pack there is ready to use korin config, just download korin models pack, upload to server(and FastDownload), and uncomment
    PHP Code:
    exec sourcemod/hmgr/korin.cfg 
    in hostagemgr.cfg

    -If you want increase Groups, Skins, Sounds limits in source (.sp) change
    PHP Code:
    #define MAXSOUNDS 64 //Max sounds
    #define MAXGROUPS 10 //Max host groups
    #define MAXSKINS 32 //Max skins 
    compile & upload

    -With sm_hmgr_clear and some Map config Plugin you can use different config for specified maps.

    - Rest of HT:S funcitons
    - Hostage NoBlock
    - Uniqe hostags when number of models > nr of hostages
    - What more ?

    1. Download plugin zip package and upload to "orangebox/cstrike"
    2. Download some Hostage Models Package & upload to server
    (For example Korin)
    3. Create config file for your models package
    (For Korin is already in cfg/sourcemod/hmgr/korin.cfg)
    4, Create download list file for your models package
    (For Korin is already in cfg/sourcemod/hmgr/korinfiles.txt)
    5. Add execute package config line to hostagemgr.cfg, like this
    PHP Code:
    exec sourcemod/hmgr/korin.cfg 
    (or for example to cs_.cfg in some Map config plugin)
    6. Change map or restart server

    - c0ldfyr3 for idea and some exist models
    - SWAT_88 for files download functions
    - AlliedModders community

    1.0.0 - 8.07.2010 - Public Release
    1.0.1 - 9.07.2010 - Fixed error when changing sm_hostmgr_autoupdate withuot Plugin Autoupdater

    Attached Files
    File Type: zip HostageManager.zip (20.6 KB, 1662 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (hostagemgr.sp - 1202 views - 22.1 KB)

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    Old 07-22-2010 , 01:02   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    Cool ! Thx

    Before this, i use a metamod plugin on my server. But it doesīt work after great css update.

    Itīs cool man
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    Old 07-22-2010 , 17:17   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    Very nice this hostages
    4 girls with me in the garage !!
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    Old 08-04-2010 , 18:28   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    Thank you for this addon

    By cons I have a little trouble, I added four hostages. Sometimes two or three hostages are identical.

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    Old 08-29-2010 , 00:18   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    i like this plugin, except i ran into a problem.

    I started my server with it and it worked fine, all the hostages had changed into the girls and whatnot, but then the map changed and the hostages changed into error signs. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Old 10-05-2010 , 12:43   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    Is there a possibility to force hostage models to download only when cs_ map is on? Because they're downloading for new players no mater what kind of map is on.
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    Old 01-09-2011 , 17:41   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    Could this be modified so that a different set of models are selected for a specific map? So you have one default model set for any map which doesn't have it's own set, and you can set a given map name to use a specific model list as a cvar.
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    Old 01-26-2011 , 18:23   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    can you fix the plugin? i cant download it, it keeps saying:
    Plugin failed to compile! Please try contacting the author.
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    Old 01-27-2011 , 19:32   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    compiled version is in zip package
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    Old 10-22-2011 , 05:46   Re: [CSS] Hostage Manager
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    running css windows srcds with sourcemod 138 and metamod 187, i get these errors at loading...
    [SM] Plugin encountered error 15: Array index is out of bounds
    [SM] Displaying call stack trace for plugin "hostagemgr.smx":
    [SM]   [0]  Line 644, hostagemgr.sp::ReadDownloadsSimple()
    [SM]   [1]  Line 259, hostagemgr.sp::CmdAddDownloadList()
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