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DoD Match 1.2.0

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Day of Defeat        Category:   Gameplay        Approver:   devicenull (200)
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Old 06-24-2005 , 08:00   DoD Match 1.2.0
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Day of Defeat Match Plugin

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
your option) any later version.

- Automated POV and HLTV demo recording and naming with delay taken into consideration
- Customisable messages for individual servers/competitions
- Final score tallying
- Automated end of round screenshots
- Ability for teams to toggle their 'ready' status
- Support for multiple config sets (comes with an example config set, and a CAL rule based config set)
- Easily customisable timelimit - comes in handy for overtime situations
- The map being played is automatically reloaded at half time
- Multi language support (the language file contains only English at this time)
- Coin toss
- Global chat restriction (optional)
- Full match stats collection for later use with PsychoStats (optional)
- File consistency enforcement (optional)

- AMXModX - last tested on v1.76a
- DoDX and sockets modules
- stats_logging.amxx and DoDFun module if stats collection is being used
- Disable as many unused plugins as possible to avoid conflicts

- Compile and put in your 'plugins' directory.
- Add 'dod_match.amxx' to your 'plugins.ini' file

Configuration sets:
- Config sets are stored in self-named sub-directories in the 'addons/amxmodx/configs/dod_match' directory.
- A config set consists of a 'plugin.cfg' (plugin configuration) file, a'match.cfg' (match configuration) file, an optional 'unlock.cfg' (run on dmp_unlock) file, optional map specific config files, and optional file consistency check ('fcc_*.cfg') files.
- Edit the 'defaultcfgset' file found in the 'addons/amxmodx/configs/dod_match' directory to set the name of the config set that should be used on server startup.
- Have a browse of the 'example' config set to see how things work.

- Commands (ADMIN_LEVEL_A aka 'm' access is required):
 * dmp_lock <password>
  - Removes the timelimit, puts a password on the server and shows that password to everyone currently connected (save HLTV)
 * dmp_start <teama> <teamb> <Demos: none | recpov | rechltv | recboth> <timelimit>
  - Initialises a match on the current map with the desired settings.
   * 'teama' and 'teamb' are the names of the teams involved. Don't use spaces in the team names. These are used to name POV and HLTV demos.
   * 'timelimit' is the length of a half in minutes.
  - The first half will begin when both teams are ready.
  - The second half will begin when both teams are ready and HLTV is back in the server (if HLTV is being used to record)
 * dmp_stop
  - Abort the match. This can only be run once the match has begun. To change options prior to the match beginning use dmp_start.
 * dmp_unlock
  - Removes the password from the server and runs the config set's 'unlock.cfg'. If no unlock.cfg is found then the fallback 'unlock.cfg' in the main config directory will be run.
 * dmp_toss
  - Randomly returns HEADS or TAILS
 * dmp_setcfgset <cfgset>
  - Sets the config set. This command cannot be run during a match. The map will be reloaded when this command is run.

 * dmp_hltv_delay <delay in seconds>
  - The delay set on the HLTV server in seconds. Default is 30.
 * dmp_hltv_rcon <password>
  - Remote console access password for the HLTV server.

All other dmp_* CVARS should not be touched unless you know what you're doing.

- Leave mp_timelimit, mp_clan_readyrestart out of your match.cfg.
- HLTV servers using NAT may crash the server.
- CVAR enforcement will most likely return following the next AMXModX release as it is not possible with AMXModX 1.55.

This plugin was originally used in the New Zealand Multiplayer Games League (http://www.mgleague.co.nz).

Feedback is most welcome :o)
Contact me if you can make translations so I can include them in the archive. 

 - Threarah ([email protected])

v1.2.0 (15/9/2005)
* Added: multiple config set support
* Added: dictionary file (multilanguage) support
* Changed: plugin name - was previously 'League Match Plugin'
* Changed: lmp_* to dmp_*

v1.1.4 (25/8/2005)
* Removed: perform on connect due to HLDS update preventing WWCL/HLG style CVAR enforcement. Improved CVAR enforcement may be added at a later date.

* Fixed: updated to work with the beta release of AMXModX 1.50
* Fixed: empty lines in lmp_perform.cfg are now ignored

* Fixed: empty lines in dmp_files*.cfg server crash
* Added: map-specific file consistency checking (dmp_files_dod_mapname.cfg)
* Changed: league.cfg is now lmp_match.cfg
* Changed: public.cfg is now lmp_public.cfg
* Changed: leagueperform.cfg is now lmp_perform.cfg
* Changed: leaguefiles.cfg is now lmp_files_global.cfg

* Changed: global chat restricion is now a compile-time option

* Added: optional 'Perform on connect'
* Added: coin toss
* Changed: stats collection is now a compile-time option

* Added: optional file consistnecy checking 

* Initial release

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This might be a nub question, but I can't seem to find the answer.

What about those of us who have a different config for each map? Is there a way for it to execute the appropriate config or scoring values without it being generic for each map?

thanks, and really like the plugin thus far.

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You can use .cfg files named after the maps and placed in the root dod directory for map specific stuff. For example, dod_anzio.cfg might contain:
mp_clan_scoring_values_allies "11210"
mp_clan_scoring_values_axis "11012"
mp_clan_scoring_bonus_allies "40"
mp_clan_scoring_bonus_axis "40"
mp_clan_scoring_delay "30"
I think they're run whenever the map is loaded - this a HL thing and has nothing to do with the plugin :o)
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gotcha, thank you very much.
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As with most plugins I seem to install recently, I get a bad load error with this one. Any reasons why? It is in my plugins.ini and in the plugins folder
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Old 08-19-2008 , 08:00   Re: DoD Match 1.2.0
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Has this plugin got a menu if so what is the command to use in game ??
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Originally Posted by 21stuk View Post
As with most plugins I seem to install recently, I get a bad load error with this one. Any reasons why? It is in my plugins.ini and in the plugins folder
I'm also getting the same error...
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