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HL2:DM [CUSTOM] Roleplay v3.2.35n - Original by Pinkfairie/Krim - Edited by Nick

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    Old 06-22-2010 , 19:41   HL2:DM [CUSTOM] Roleplay v3.2.35n - Original by Pinkfairie/Krim - Edited by Nick
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    Different version of roleplay....Another way to rp!
    Check the official website out for more information such as updates and news about the mod!

    Need help on how to set up a HL2 Server on your computer? Click on the link below for a full tutorial with easy steps/screenshots for a HL2 windows server! Also includes how to install sourcemod!

    I've also released a server control panel that can be used with your HL2 server.

    3/3/12 - v3.2.35n
    This is a little update with some fixes:
    - Cops cannot earn infinite money jailing people again and again (Exploit still exists if you have sv_crimetocuff 0. It must be 1 or higher)
    - The sanitation job cannot spam garbage props. There is a limit of how many props can spawn at one time.
    - The teleporter function of the scientist job will not work if the teleporter is made by a npc.
    - All custom models in downloads.txt will automatically precache.

    Added two CVARS to the plugin due to some dislikes:

    sv_savejobs "0" or "1"
    This will enable everyone's job to save if set to 1. The default is 0. By having jobs save, people will not have to walk to an employer to pick their job. Example: If you changed your job to robber and rejoined the server, your job will be robber, not unemployed. You can always change your job again by going back to the employer.

    sv_jobswitch "0" or "1"
    You can enable or disable the /switch command for combines. 0 = off, 1 = on. This is so you can force cops to stay cops!

    This update was for minor fixes for some annoying stuff. The next big update, v3.2.4, will have more dynamic jobs and bigger additions. Will be released sometime in April/early May.

    Past Updates:
    Live Updating: All commands have live updating. No need to change map to update settings!

    Update all files to get the latest version of roleplay.

    Important: Rp_notice and Rp_npcs have been included in the Rp_main file. Please delete those two files before using this plugin.

    All commands are the same from the original roleplay (link below) but with a lot of addtions:

    These are all the commands up to version 3.1.85n. Rest of commands can be found in the Roleplay Command Guide or links above with the later updates.

    sv_taximode - Modes: 0 = Use Taxi Only with 0 crime, 1 = Use Taxi with Crime (Default 1)

    sv_robmode - Modes: 0 = Rebels can rob with no cops online, 1 = Rebels can only rob if cops are online (Default 1)

    sv_rpexperience - Enable/Disable the experience points for both rebels/cops. (Default 1)

    sv_crimetocuff - Minimum crime for a client to have to be cuffed. (Default 400)

    sv_crimepermin - Assigned how much crime per minute when client goes to jail (Default 300)

    sv_starterpacks - Enable/Disable the starterpacks (Default 1)

    sv_firefightermode - 0 = Easy mode with Menus, 1 = Hard mode with no Menus

    sv_firefighterchiefmode - 0 = Chief is not cop, 1 = Chief is cop

    sv_playeroftheweek - 0 = Disable Command, 1 = Enable Command

    sv_inventorycategories - 0 = Disable, 1 = Enable (Default 1)

    sv_selldoordeduction - % of how much is deducted off on refund (Default 10)

    Buydoor/Selldoor mod - Commands must be ran while looking at door

    Admin Commands:
    sm_setdooramount <amount> - Sets the door amount (Automatically puts "For Sale: ..." on door). Makes door buyable

    sm_resetdoor - Reset to the door to "For Sale:...". Owner will lose keys.

    sm_deletedoor - Delete do from database. No longer For Sale and owner loses keys.

    Client Commands:
    !buydoor - (Chat) Buy the door your looking at.

    !selldoor - (Chat) Sell your door. Very Important - the owner of the door must be in server for someone else to buy.

    sm_mydoormess <message> - Set your door message.

    sm_givekeys <id> <name> - Give keys to your friends! Id goes 1-50.

    sm_takekeys <id> <name> - Take away keys from your friends.

    sm_listkeys - List keys you've given.

    Check/Credit mod
    !writecheck - (Chat) Brings a menu up so you can write a check.

    Checks can be given to friends/cashed in at bank.

    All items can be bought using a credit card. You can go into debt of using the credit card up to $-1000 but you must pay it back!

    Gangster mod
    Rebels have respect points. Cops have exp points. Rebels get points by killing others. More points rebels get, they will get weapons on spawn. Heres the downside to rebels. When cops arrest rebels, they will lose points. Cops will get exp points when the jail a rebel for >=600 crime. More cop exp points = auto rank up in position.

    Also, if server has less then 2 cops on, rebels can't get respect points but can lose them from going to jail!

    Can be disabled by the convar sv_rpexperience 0.

    Auto Free Jail System
    Cops can only jail a person if they have over 400 crime. When sent to jail, the rebel will be in jail for 300crime/min. They will be released from jail automatically after time is up. Of course, a cop could go in there and free them earlier.

    Added CVars:

    sv_crimetocuff - (Default 400) Amount of crime a person needs to be cuffed. Very Important to know, this command also controls the no kill zone feature. For example, if you did rcon sv_crimetocuff 1, you can cuff anyone who has more then 1 crime. But since you set it to 1, any client who has more then 1 crime will have the no kill zone feature disabled for them since the cuffing feature is done by damage. (No kill zone doesn't allow damage and the cops wouldn't beable to cuff since client has buddha). So in this example, the only way to get the no kill zones enable for the client is to have 0 crime.

    Another note, if you do sv_crimetocuff 0, you will beable to cuff anyone at anytime OUTSIDE of no kill zone. Since a client can't get a negative crime to enable themself to a no kill zone, the plugin will auto set the number to 1 ONLY for the no kill zone part!

    sv_crimepermin - (Default 300) Amount of crime per minute. An example using this default would be: If you jailed someone with 600 crime, they would go to jail for 2 minutes.

    No Kill Zones (Really work)
    This portion is my favorite thing I ever made for rp!

    Admin Commands:
    sm_createnokillzone <id> - Create a no kill zone. Tip: Radius of zone is 200 points. Id can be 1-100.

    sm_removenokillzone <id> - Delete no kill zone.

    sm_listnokillzones - List no kill zones. 1-100. If it says like 9999.0 as the coord, that zone ain't being used.

    If you kill someone outside of the zone while your in it, you will be autojailed for 1min and 30sec.

    New Items
    New HUD items: Buy colors for the main and center HUD. When bought and used, the HUD color will be saved.
    New Skin items: Buy Skin items. When bought, itll stay in your inventory forever. When used, youll turn into that model. Can only be used as rebels. Added a police spy skin too.
    New Model: Lego Bricks can be bought for only $50.

    Usable Phones
    Admin Commands:
    sm_createphone <id> - Create a phone. Id 1-50. Stand next to the phone and run the command. Coordinates for phones save by your feet, not by what your looking at.

    sm_deletephone <id> - Delete a phone.

    sm_phonelist - List the phones you made.

    When phones are created, you can go up to a phone and press "e". A menu will come up with all the peoples' name. You then choose a person's name and then it'll call them. The say command "/call" has been deleted from the talkzone.

    Taxi Mod
    Admin Commands:
    sm_addtaxizone <id> <Destination name in quotes> - Add a taxi destination. Players will be teleported here. Id is 1-20

    sm_removetaxizone <id> - Remove the taxi destination.

    sm_listtaxizones - List taxi zones that you used.

    An extra npc id tpye has been added....8. On this npc, when you press e, youll get a menu of all the taxi locations you can go to. The further away you are to the destination you want to go to, the more money youll have to pay. Once clicked, your money will get subtracted and youll be teleported.

    Multi Map/Config Setup Mod:
    The multi map mod is complete and in! This is how it works:
    Server will automatically create new directories for every map in data/roleplay. In each map directory, itll have its own, config.txt, npcs.txt, doors.txt, notice.txt, and others. Its all done automatically...no need to manually do it. But now your thinking...."Ah dammit, we gotta get jail coords, vip jail coordinate, exit coordinate....ah man!". I've put an end to that....

    Admin Commands (Coords go by where your standing):
    sm_addjail <id> - Add jail cell. Id 1-10.

    sm_removejail <id> - Delete a jail cell

    sm_listjails - List Jail cells.

    sm_setexit - Set Exit coord.

    sm_setsuicide <1-2> - Set suicide coordinate.

    sm_removesuicide <1-2> - Remove suicide coordinate.

    sm_listsuicide - List suicide Coords.

    sm_setvipjail <id> - Set vip jail. Id 1-2.

    sm_createcopdoor <1-64> - Create a default cop door.

    sm_removecopdoor <1-64> - Remove a default cop door.

    sm_listcopdoors - List cop doors used. If 0, its not being used.

    sm_setafk - Set up an afk room (Added to cop menu)

    - These commands will edit the config file automatically, no need to manually do it.
    - Treat each map as a new server....You must set up new spawns, npcs, no kill zones....you get it.
    - The things that are the same for every map you go into: The save.txt, jobs.txt, items.txt.
    - So.....you can go to different maps, own different houses, and have the same money throughout.
    - Give me a private message if you have problems setting up as there are a lot of changes in the saving.

    Also with multi-mod comes with SaveIt...that has been modified to work with mutli maps and it fixes the prop glitch. (sm_save, sm_remove)

    Spawns Addition:
    sm_createspawn <id> <1-rebels 2-cops>
    sm_removespawn <id> <1-rebels 2-cops>
    sm_spawnlist <1-rebels 2-cops>

    You can now create spawns for the rebels and cops. If no cop spawns are made, cops will spawn at rebel coordinates.

    Car Mod (Cannot Use Due To The Update In The HL2 Engine):
    Admin Commands:

    sm_createcar <id 1-50> - Create a car.

    sm_removecar <id 1-50> - Remove a car.

    sm_carlist - List cars.

    sm_givecarkeys <name> - Give keys to the car.

    sm_takecarkeys <name> - Take away keys to the car.

    When you create a car and restart map, an airboat will be made at the spot you ran sm_createcar. The car will start locked and the only way to get in is to get the keys! (Use shift to lock/unlock) This is very good for places with garages. Right now this is very basic but in future updates, you'll beable to steal a car if you don't have the keys, there will be a working gas meter, and there will be notices on the cars. Please do not use sm_setnotice or sm_looknotice on the cars as the entity number for the cars changes everytime the map reloads. You can always do the temp notice though. Enjoy!

    Starter Packs:
    An extra database has been added in data/roleplay called starterpacks.txt. Edit the wages, money, bank as seen. To edit items to be added to the new player, just add the item number and the amount under. As an example, I've put in item #1 for 3x. (Person will get 3 magnums when first joined). This is protected and you will not beable to hax it by rejoining.

    DataBase Code Example:
    PHP Code:
    "Wages" "2"
      "Bank" "1000"
      "Money" "0"
      "1" "3"

    Custom Doors:
    Admin Commands:

    sm_spawndoor <1-14 skin> - Temporary create a door.

    sm_savedoor <id 1-100> - Save a door into the database.

    sm_tempremovedoor - Temporary remove a door.

    sm_permremovedoor - Permanently remove a door from the database.

    sm_listdoors - List which custom door ids are used!

    You can use sm_givedoor, sm_takedoor, sm_setnotice, and sm_looknotice on these custom doors.
    ****Custom doors aren't capable of doing buydoor....yet lol.

    Prop Building Command::
    Admin Commands:

    sm_freezeprop - Freeze a prop.

    sm_unfreezeprop - Unfreeze a prop.

    sm_angles <x> <y> <z> - Add Angles to a prop. Same exact function as e_rotate from SourceOP.

    sm_origin <x> <y> <z> - Same thing as sm_angles but changes origin.

    sm_delete - Delete a prop.

    New Crime Menu System:
    The original crime menu on the right is now deleted due to the new engine update. Here is whats added:
    For the Rebels:
    - Below "Next Raise" on your hud, theres a new line called "Crime:". Obviously itll tell how much crime you have.

    For the Cops:
    - When your looking at a rebel from any distance, a seperate hud on the left will come up and it will say there name and crime:. There are three color modes: green, orange, red. If the hud is green, that means the rebel is below the sv_crimetocuff limit and you won't beable cuff them. If it is higher than that limit, then the hud will turn orange and then red depending on how much crime. If you have "sv_crimetocuff 0", that means youll only see orange and red hud colors since your able to cuff at anytime!

    Firefighter Job:
    New jobs are Firefighter Member and Chief to the combine team! The member cannot be a cop but the chief can by the convar sv_firefighterchiefmode 1. So what do the firefighters do? Well....they prevent fires and bombs from spawning!!!! Rebels can buy a new type of item called "Bomb" for $1500 and can spawn and arm (press e on bomb to arm) at any time!

    There are 3 situations that can happen:
    1) A rebel has spawned a bomb and hasn't arm it. The firefighter is the only one that can dispose it by either typing in chat "/dispose" or pressing e on the bomb and use the menu to disable.
    2) A rebel has spawned a bomb and armed it! A firefighter as 30 seconds to diffuse it before it blows up. "/diffuse" in chat or use the menu.
    3) A rebel has spawned a bomb, armed it, and exploded! Oh oh....Well the firefighter has a WATERGUN!!! Use "/watergunon" or "/watergunoff" to toggle the gun. Apply water to the fire and the fire will rapidly lose health. Fire health is displayed in a center message and when it hits 0, the fire disappears.

    If there are no firefighters on and bombs are spawned, they will automatically delete in 3 mins after explosion.
    (Some Screenshots Below)

    Other Additions:
    - Vendor Npcs can hold up to 25 items
    - Added sm_looknotice where its the same as sm_setnotice but you don't need to know the door number as this command will do it for you!
    - Added Buy Bulk feature in vendor menu where you can buy 2x, 5x, 10x, and 25x of something! Automatically uses credit due to high prices!
    - Fix depositing bug where you would keep depositing and then somehow you withdrawal everything.
    - sm_playeroftheweek <name> - Give a reward to a player who really played hard for the week! Can be disabled by sv_playeroftheweek 0 (Set up rewards in the playerofthweek.txt database. Works the same way as staterpacks)
    - sm_takedoorall - Same as sm_takedoor but everyone will lose keys to the door even if their not in server.


    Bank Menu:

    Buydoor Menu as the Owner of Door.

    Buydoor Menu - Keys Given Section (Will list out names when you give keys out)

    Inventory Menu with Categories!

    Hope you guys like the plugin cause I really worked hard on this so you guys can enjoy the roleplay experience.

    Want more added? Donate and say your idea if any in a post. Ill be sure to use your idea for the next upcoming update. Anything given is truely appreciated.

    Total Donations: $20.50 (Thank You)

    Special Offer For Anyone Who Gives a $10+ donation.
    You will receive my Day and Night plugin which is linked to your server box time. You can make many changes such as adjusting the time schedule and peak darkness. Highly recommended for servers who want to be popular fast!
    This plugin is not released on sourcemod or any other site.

    Original RP: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=694358
    License: GPLv2
    Terms And Conditions of the General Public License V2

    Please also download the roleplay command guide for any additional help. Took me 5 hrs to type it all up nicely!

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    Old 06-24-2010 , 03:52   Re: Roleplay Extended
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    great job. it's really a good written extension for the RP mod with great ideas *thumbs up*

    EDIT (too many ppl asked me why he's releasing the 3.0):
    this is based on the 2.4.1 Version of the Roleplay Mod. He just gave it the Version 3.1.1. It's not based on the Roleplay Mod V3

    - so no extension of the RP3 Mod will work with this :/

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    Old 06-24-2010 , 17:06   Re: Roleplay Extended
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    !givekey, !takekey feture reports as not working.

    (z_crew)•̪̀͡● ★DAZZAŠ: oh and the !givekey !takekey features dont work atm
    So far for all i've seen from this person is bs. please dont cry mate, heres a tissue for you :') haha

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    Old 06-24-2010 , 18:14   Re: Roleplay Extended
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    I made buydoor/selldoor script about three months ago and there are no problems. There are no glitches.

    You must look at the door when using those commands.
    You have buy the door FIRST before you use those commands.

    If your still having problems, be more specific on whats wrong.
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    Old 06-24-2010 , 18:48   Re: Roleplay Extended
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    well just a report someone posted me. there proply noobs. iv not tested it out so...

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    Old 06-25-2010 , 10:11   Re: Roleplay Extended
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    finally someone that posts they're mod. nice job
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    Nick thats not kool Mario paid for that mod and you just give it out to everyone for free.
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    Old 06-25-2010 , 19:18   Re: Roleplay Extended
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    GPL License says so....
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    Old 06-25-2010 , 20:05   Re: Roleplay Extended
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    Still not kool
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    Old 06-25-2010 , 23:46   Re: HL2:DM Roleplay v3.1n - Original by Pinkfairie/Krim - Edited by Nick
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    That buisness mod sounds epic tho...
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