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Team Kill protection for FF ON Servers [Firestorm]

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Team Fortress Classic        Category:   Server Management        Approver:   devicenull (200)
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Old 05-17-2005 , 16:15   Team Kill protection for FF ON Servers [Firestorm]
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This is a port of Firestorms DOD TK management plugin which can be found HERE

It seems to work well at the moment, the instructions for the use of the plugin are contained inside the sma, so please download that and the amxx file.

// ================================
// you have to create a folder called "tks" in your
// /addons/amxmodx/configs/ folder.
// if you don't do this, the TK save feature will not
// work.
// =============================
// the plugin will create a table called "tks" in your
// database, you don't have to do anything manually.
// USAGE (cvars for amxx.cfg):
// ===========================
// tfc_tkrevenge_enabled <1/0>           =   enable/disable DoD TK Revenge
//                                           by default
// tfc_tkrevenge_obeyimmunity <1/0>      =   enable/disable Admins with flag
//                                           "a" (Immunity) being excluded
//                                           from any revenge for TA/TKs.
// tfc_tkrevenge_options <1/2/3/4>       =   sets the menu options for the
//                                           DoD TK Revenge Menu:
//                                           1 = Forgive!, 1hp (& Glow!), Slay!
//                                           2 = Forgive!, Slay!
//                                           3 = Forgive!, Slap 50percent!, Slay!
//                                           4 = Forgive!, DON'T Forgive!
// tfc_tkrevenge_enableglow <1/0>        =   enable/disable glowing players
//                                           (menu & bot actions)
// tfc_tkrevenge_forgiveslap <1/0>       =   enable/disable slapping the TKer
//                                           without damage if "Forgive!" was
//                                           chosen by the victim
// tfc_tkrevenge_spawnprotect <1/0>      =   enable/disable automatic slaying of
//                                           team killers in defined spawn time
// tfc_tkrevenge_spawnmirrordmg <1/0>    =   enable/disable mirror damage for
//                                           team attacks in defined spawn time
//                                           (spawnprotect feature needs to be enabled!)
// tfc_tkrevenge_spawntime <time>        =   time in seconds after respawn in what
//                                           TKs are considered Spawn-TKs
// tfc_tkrevenge_spawntkcount <amount>   =   number of warnings to add to the
//                                           spawn killers tk-count.
// tfc_tkrevenge_warnings <amount>       =   number of unforgiven TKs until
//                                           player is kicked/banned
//                                           (1hp/Slap are not counted as unforgiven)
// tfc_tkrevenge_ban <1/0>               =   set to 1 to ban the teamkiller after
//                                           your amount of warnings.
//                                           set to 0 to just kick him
// tfc_tkrevenge_bantime <time>          =   time in minutes to ban a teamkiller
//                                           from the server (if you enabled ban)
// tfc_tkrevenge_useamxbans <1/0>        =   enable/disable using AMXBans to ban
//                                           players for excessive TeamKilling
// tfc_tkrevenge_meleeslay <1/0>         =   immediatly kill player on melee
//                                           TA/TK (see description for more info!)
// tfc_tkrevenge_meleetkcount <amount>   =   number of warnings to add to the
//                                           back stabbers tk-count.
// tfc_tkrevenge_nadetkcount <1/0>       =   enable/disable increasing the tk-count
//                                           on unforgiven grenade tks
// tfc_tkrevenge_killsreducetk <amount>  =   number of enemykills in a row without
//                                           any TKs to reduce the TK-count by 1
//                                           (set to 0 to disable)
// tfc_tkrevenge_botaction <1/2/3/4/5/0> =   sets action for TKs on Bots
//                                           1 = Forgive!
//                                           2 = 1hp (& Glow!)
//                                           3 = Slay!
//                                           4 = Slap 50percent!
//                                           5 = DON'T Forgive!
//                                           0 = disabled
// tfc_tkrevenge_savetks <1/0>           =   enable/disable saving each player's
//                                           TK-count and reload it on reconnect
// ============
// - This plugin is a simple but effective TK Revenge provider,
//   a menu pops up for the victim of a teamkiller and he can choose
//   to "Forgive!", "Glow & 1hp!" or "Slap with 50percent!" or "Slay!" 
//   the teamkiller.
//   You can set what option will appear in the TK Revenge menu.
//   * Forgive! just slaps the TKer without damage
//   * 1hp (& Glow)! sets him to 1hp (and makes him glow in his team's color)
//     until he respawns. (Glow can be enabled/disabled)
//   * Slap with 50percent! will slap him with 50% damage of his current
//     health
//   * Slay! will added 1 to his tk count and kills him if he's alive
//     and his tk count is checked against the number of warnings you
//     set up and a yellow hudmessage saying
//     "TeamKill Warning X/X: Watch your fire!"
//     is shown. once the tk count equals the warnings the hudmessage
//     is shown in red. on the next unforgiven tk the teamkiller will
//     either be kicked or banned for X minutes. (depends on your setup)
//   * DON'T Forgive! does the same as "Slay!" but without killing the
//     attacker.
// - TeamKills don't have to be counted as deaths for Victims.
// - Melee TAs/TKs can be handled different, it's possible
//   to directly slay on a melee TA/TK without giving the victim
//   the ability to forgive or glow. if the attacker is slayed for
//   a melee attack, his tk count is not increased, but if he
//   is slayed for a melee tk, it will be increased by the set amount.
//   Knife, Spade, K43 Butt, Garand Butt & Bayonet are considered
//   melee weapons.
// - Spawn TeamKills can be handled different as well. If a TK
//   occurs in your defined time after respawn, the team killer can be
//   slayed and his tk-count will be increased by the set amount.
// - Grenade TeamKills can be handled on a special way as well, you
//   can set up either to increase the tk-count or not if "Slay!"
//   was chosen by the victim of a friendly grenade.
// - The TK-Count of players can be decreased
//   by 1 if they kill a set amount of enemies without doing any Tks.
// - You can set your bots (if you are using Sturmbot/Shrikebot for example)
//   to react on TKs with forgiving, 1hp (& glowing) or Slapping and slaying the
//   teamkiller.
//   That way you can be sure that your bots aren't the easy shooting targets
//   for teamkillers.
// - Every player's tk-count can be saved and reloaded if he reconnects.
//   This feature is independent from time and map, his info is saved for good
//   until you either delete it, or the TKer starts to play serious and gets his
//   tk-count decreased. this prevents hardcore teamkillers from simply
//   reconnecting to the server to get their tk-count zeroed.
//   Note: if you use this feature, be sure to use banning of teamkillers,
//         otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to use this feature.
// - AMXBans can be used to ban teamkillers.
// - Admins with access level ADMIN_IMMUNITY can be excluded from any punishments
//   for a tk, the plugin just just ignore their teamkills.
// AMX Mod X 1.0, TFCx + Fun modules needed!
TO DO: Add sentry gun and dispenser protection
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Old 05-18-2005 , 07:26  
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A minor update.
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Old 05-23-2005 , 12:03  
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will this work with condition zero? i really need this for my server
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Old 05-23-2005 , 12:37  
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It's mod specific. You would have to convert FireStorm's original plugin.

Ancient's link is broken, you can use this one:

Last edited by pizzahut; 12-30-2006 at 13:58. Reason: Updated link.
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Old 06-01-2005 , 06:45  
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There's a new version in beta test atm. It's based on the DoD version released on May 18th/19th which includes a couple of bug fixes and additions. I've made it so that a TK caused by team mate's sentry gun will be ignored.

edit: Removed v0.9pre-final, use new version below.

Last edited by pizzahut; 12-30-2006 at 14:05.
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Old 04-20-2006 , 19:57  
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nice plugin, it works with amxx 1.71 on amd64 instead of atac, but... what about amxbans support?

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Old 04-21-2006 , 10:24  
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uuups, sorry. I found it...
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Old 06-11-2006 , 15:50  
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bug fix: The Half-Life engine reports a client death if a spy is attacked while feigning death. This is now detected by checking the victim's health.
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Old 06-13-2006 , 05:33   hi i have some problem in my server can anyone help
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if i make server i got Message like that:Host_error sound weapons/rc_conc-1 count is over 521 limit.... what i do

Sorry for repling in that post!

Please i hope some body CAN HELP ME!
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Old 06-13-2006 , 11:53  
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Do you get the error only when using this plugin?
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