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Daily Server Configs

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Old 04-14-2005 , 16:12   Daily Server Configs
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/************************************* * Daily Config Management * * File provided as is, no warranties! * By: BigBaller * First Release: April 14th, 2005 * * This plugin allows you to set a config file for a different day on your server. * Soo on Sunday, you could have a different server setup then Monday and ect. * This was a redesign from a older plugin by JustinHoMi, which was later ported to AMX MOD X * by Burnzy. * * * File names *ARE* case sensitive. Soo you must have the first letter in each day as a capital letter!!! * Examples: *  Sun.cfg *  Mon.cfg *  Tue.cfg *  Wed.cfg *  Thu.cfg *  Fri.cfg *  Sat.cfg * * All these config files are placed in the amxmodx/configs/daily_cfgs/ directory. * * In the config files, just place the CVARs you want ran in that day. What is great about this plugin is * you are still able to use a custom map config for a specific map and not conflict! * Soo in the Sat.cfg (saturday config) if I had sv_alltalk 1 then if the map fy_iceworld came up and I have * fy_iceworld in my amxmodx/configs/maps/ with sv_alltalk 0. Then sv_alltalk will be set to 0. Thus this allows * you to have global CVARs while still being able to set certain CVARs on specific maps!!! * * Also, since plugins are checked every map change, this plugin makes sure your mapchangecfgfile is server.cfg OR the config * used for that day. Especially good for you lazy admins such as myself :D. * * Now I know this will work for Counter-Strike/Condition Zero, however I am unsure of DoD/NS and other mods. * * Change Log: *  v1.0, Initial Release *************************************/ #include <amxmodx> #include <amxmisc> public plugin_init(){     register_plugin("Daily Config Management", "1.0", "BigBaller")     new today[8], configPath[256]     new todayFile[] = {"Sun.cfg","Mon.cfg","Tue.cfg","Wed.cfg","Thu.cfg","Fri.cfg","Sat.cfg"}     new serverCfg[] = "server.cfg" // change server.cfg if you do not want to use server.cfg as your default server config file!     get_time("%a", today, 8)     get_configsdir(configPath, 255)     format(todayFile, 255, "%s/daily_cfgs/%s.cfg", configPath, today)         if (file_exists(todayFile)){         set_cvar_string("mapchangecfgfile", todayFile) // Set today's server config file.          // log_amx("The file %s was loaded because it was found.", todayFile) // For Debugging purposes!         return PLUGIN_CONTINUE     }         set_cvar_string("mapchangecfgfile", serverCfg) // If there is no config file for today, it makes sure you are using the server.cfg file!     // log_amx("The file we are looking for does not exsist therefore doing the intended effect. File loaded is %s", serverCfg) // For Debugging purposes!     return PLUGIN_CONTINUE }

And I know putting everything in the plugin_init() isnt exactly effecient, HOWEVER it works and it works like it was designed to work.

I dont think I will add much more to this but I think other admins might find this extremely useful. I plan on using it to allow matrix mod to run on my server on Friday's only
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Old 09-07-2005 , 13:43  
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this will be good for my server because then some hero's won't always be on.
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Old 09-07-2005 , 14:17  
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Very Cool idea works out nicely too. Good Job. Woot Now I can make bikini Tuesdays..
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Old 09-11-2005 , 00:23  
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Would it be possible to add daily maplist/cycle changes as well?
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Old 09-11-2005 , 18:07  
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Very nice!

This is good for weekenders.

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Old 02-06-2006 , 21:28  
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Think you could do a monthly config for every day of the month and add support to pause plugins too?
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Old 09-02-2006 , 23:02   Re: Daily Server Configs
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Can this be done for a daily map cycle , or does that already exisist. It would be very useful to have a new map tryout night for my server.

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Old 11-10-2006 , 15:46   Re: Daily Server Configs
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Can't you just add the following to your day.cfg file:

motdfile "day_motd.txt"
mapcyclefile "day_mapcycle.txt"

Then just create a file for each day you want to run different mapcycles or MOTDs.
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Old 02-23-2007 , 18:24   Re: Daily Server Configs
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I got the modt file to load fine but the mapcycle file doesn't load not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Is there a better way to do this, have a different mapcycle for everyday?
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Old 03-17-2007 , 15:06   Re: Daily Server Configs
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I tried to install the plugin so I could hav Sat & Mondays CAL Map Days then Scoutzknivez Tuesdays GunGame Wed. Hide_n_Seek Thrusday & surfin sundays but no1 can connect to the server. when i take it off it works fine. Also the server has a constant High Ping of 200 or more. Hope Some One Can Help

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