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Crab's Map Manager

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Natural Selection        Category:   Server Management        Approver:   EKS (167)
Head crab
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Old 04-02-2005 , 13:29   Crab's Map Manager
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Author: Head crab
Version: 1.6a (public)

This plugin should only work for Natural Selection ( www.naturalselection.com ), although it could be worked out to run with other mods as well. The name of this plugin comes from a lack of imagination.

The first version of this plugin was made in March 2004. This plugin does not require the NS module (anymore). After the popular 1.5 version series, here comes the brand new public 1.6 version for AMXmodX. Enjoy.

Main idea:
This plugin is a built-from-scratch map chooser which triggers two different votes when the map's time limit has been reached and while there is no game in progress. The first vote has multiple map options (3 to 9) and will define two winning maps, which are the ones that have got the most votes. The second vote will oppose the two winning maps to let the players choose which one they prefer.

This system avoids having a winning map with a minority amount of votes (less than 50% of the total votes).

There is a map history to prevent the last played maps from being in the vote options again.

You have the option to directly display the results of the vote on the HUD. You can either turn it on or off.

The time remaining to a vote is always displayed on the HUD as well.

There is a built-in nextmap plugin that fits this plugin. It will display the nextmap "possibilities", which are the map options for the end-game vote.

It is recommended to remove any other "nextmap" or "mapchooser" plugins, otherwise the plugin may run into problems.

Admins can change a specific map option number before a vote (change map option #2 to ns_hera instead of ns_nancy and etc) by using the "amx_mapoption <option number> <new map name>" command in their console. They may use the "nextmap" command in chat or the "amx_showmapoptions" in console to see which vote options there currently are.

Admins can also trigger a map vote during a game if they wish by using the "amx_startmapvote" command.

Admins can give themselves the privilege to be worth more votes than "normal" users. You have the option to turn this feature on or off.

Set both the "amx_vote_time" and "amx_vote_answers" cvars in your amx.cfg file.

You can now easily change the delay time before a vote starts when a round ends.

Admins can set, if they wish, a minimum players' amount required to use mapcycle.txt instead of mapcycle2.txt, allowing them to restrict bigger maps or certain map types.

A very useful feature is the ability for admins to set, in the mapcycle files, "map types" using a number to define each "map type". The purpose of this feature is to make sure that each "map type" will be available in each vote that occurs. For example, setting "ns_eclipse 1", "ns_veil 1", "co_faceoff 2" and "co_core 2", while having a VOTE_LIMIT of 2, will make sure that at either the maps "ns_eclipse" or "ns_veil" will be included in the vote against either the maps "co_faceoff" or "co_core".

A map extend option is available.

See the source file to customize the plugin to your own needs.


"say nextmap" - displays next map vote's options
"amx_mapoption <Vote number> <Map name>" - changes a map vote option
"amx_showmapoptions" - shows the current map vote options
"amx_startmapvote" - starts a Crab's Map Manager map vote

April 30, 2005:
1.6 -> 1.6a: fixed bug where admins could not change the map options after an extend.
April 2, 2005:
1.5d -> 1.6: removed the day time feature. Added a "minimum players" feature working with 2 mapcycle files. Added a "map type" feature. Added a map extend vote feature. Added a flood protection for public commands.
October 24, 2004:
1.5c -> 1.5d: fixed run time error some people were getting. Changed the "It's time to choose" sound to a simple and quick bell sound.
October 23, 2004:
1.5b -> 1.5c: fixed bug where manually setting mp_timelimit to 0 would start a vote. Changed the moment where a map is written in the map history.
October 17, 2004:
1.5a -> 1.5b: added commands "amx_showmapoptions" and "amx_startmapvote". Did some tweaks in the response messages from the server when using admin commands.
October 16, 2004:
1.5 -> 1.5a: fixed problem that could happen sometimes because of commented out lines in mapcycle files. Moved the line code defining the path and filename to the map history in the top settings instead of being in the middle of nowhere. Vote now starts at 5 seconds before the time limit runs out instead of 20 seconds.
October 13, 2004:
1.4a -> 1.5: removed dependance on the NS module. Added an admin command allowing them to modify the map vote options before a vote. Added a vote timeleft display on the HUD. The map vote is now triggered by the map time limit instead of a level change being blocked by the plugin.
October 3, 2004:
1.4 -> 1.4a: added registers for both "amx_vote_time" and "amx_vote_answers" inside this plugin instead of having them in the admincmd plugin.
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Old 04-02-2005 , 20:48  
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Thank you for the fix.

If you like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, then paste this onto your forehead. (Laugh out loud.)

Admin Weapons II
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Old 10-31-2005 , 17:55  
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im doing something wrong here, i think.
every time the map ands over time limit it wont bring a mapchooser, but instead you will be able to join a team, but when you join a team you start a game alone with no players and nothing works anymore.

*Edit*Never mind, i found the problem, i didnt disable the mapchooser.
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Old 03-13-2007 , 20:01   Re: Crab's Map Manager
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Can some one edit this to cs1.6 Mapchooser ?

What you want to play:
1. de_map
2. cs_map
3. Custom map
4. Extend current map

Last edited by Olio09; 03-13-2007 at 21:09.
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Old 01-17-2008 , 00:42   Re: Crab's Map Manager
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I just installed this plugin for my server. It looks good so far! One little problem though:

I had a bunch of commented lines in my mapcycle files and it messed it up. Some maps I had commented out came up in the vote as "//ns_bast" and such. Removing all of the commented lines fixed this though. It's not a really big issue for me, but I thought I'd let you know!

I love being able to have one mapcycle for a small amount of players and another for a large group! This is a great plugin! Thanks man!
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Old 07-16-2008 , 04:50   Re: Crab's Map Manager
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I installed the plugin on the server and it works, but ;

It reads my mapcycle.txt file as blank so I can't vote, nothing can be nominated . . . doesnt work right.

What did I do wrong?

EDIT: Does this plugin work for Counter-Strike 1.6 servers?

Last edited by Self-Serve; 07-16-2008 at 05:00.
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Old 10-06-2008 , 14:54   Re: Crab's Map Manager
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this plugin is great but i have a little problem:

i set mp_timelimit to 10 minutes on my server and a few minutes before (like 8 minutes) it starts a mapvote when the game is still fully in progress.. thats not good of course.

can i adjust somewhere that only a mapvotes pops up when the game/round has been finished?
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