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Hello AlliedModders!

I have a CSGO server and installed SouceBans on my webhost. Two things, two different host. All good util now.

I wanted to test the web interfance and tried to add an admin via it, kick someone from server, etc, but i'm getting error about RCON ( password is set corectly ).

I did an debug test, and got the TCP connection is refused. Asked my webhosting to unblock the ports, and they said ports 20715 - 20730 are unblocked.

Now the interesing part is... On my sourcebans site, other two servers are added ( someone requested me to add them, so we can share the same web site ). On these servers i can kick, ban, add admin via web page. Why they work and my server dont? After all is the same web-host so if ports were really blocked, they shouldn't work too.

Any advices? Thanks a lot!
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