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Originally Posted by HamletEagle View Post
LANG_PLAYER should be used only when you print to all players at the same time. When you print to a specific player, use player id instead.
Use charsmax().
Done. Should I remove the bool g_HasSafety and use bits?

Originally Posted by F0RCE View Post
VICTIM_SECURED = [Knife Bounty] Ofiara byla ubezpieczona !
VICTIM_DIDNT_LOSE = [Knife Bounty] Nie straciles pieniedzy poniewaz byles ubezpieczony !
VICTIM_MONEY_LOW = [Knife Bounty] Ofiara miala niewystarczajaca ilosc pieniedzy. Nic nie dostales ! 
ATTACKER_BOUNTY = [Knife Bounty] Zabrales %s nagrody graczowi $%d !
VICTIM_LOST_MONEY = [Knife Bounty] %s zabral Ci $%d pieniedzy !
SECURE_AD = [Knife Bounty] Aby ubezpieczyc swoje pieniadze wpisz /secure !
CANT_SECURE_DEAD = [Knife Bounty] Nie mozesz ubezpieczyc pieniedzy kiedy nie zjesz  !
SECURE_DISABLED = [Knife Bounty] Ubezpieczenie pieniedzy jest aktualnie wylaczone !
NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY = [Knife Bounty] Niewystarczajaca ilosc pieniedzy do ubezpieczenia !
SECURED_MONEY = [Knife Bounty] Zaplaciles $%d kaucji aby zabezpieczyc swoje pieniadze. Nie stracisz ich jezeli zostaniesz zabity z noza !
Thanks, Credits Added.
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