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Could Someone Please Translate To Their Language , Thanks.

VICTIM_SECURED = [Knife Bounty] Victim Was Secured !
VICTIM_DIDNT_LOSE = [Knife Bounty] You Didn't Lose Your Money Because You Was Secured !
VICTIM_MONEY_LOW = [Knife Bounty] Victim's Money Was Low, You Won Nothing !
ATTACKER_BOUNTY = [Knife Bounty] You've Taken %s 's Bounty Of $%d !
VICTIM_LOST_MONEY = [Knife Bounty] %s Has Taken Your Bounty Of $%d !
SECURE_AD = [Knife Bounty] To Secure Your Money Type /secure !
CANT_SECURE_DEAD = [Knife Bounty] You Can't Secure While Dead !
SECURE_DISABLED = [Knife Bounty] Securing Is Currently Disabled !
NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY = [Knife Bounty] Not Enough Money To Secure !
SECURED_MONEY = [Knife Bounty] You Paid $%d To Secure Your Money, You Won't Lose Your Money If You Get Knifed !

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