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- v1.0.4, last updated: 29 may 2018, Servers using this mod GitHub link

The Hidden mod for Counter-Strike 1.6. Most is ported from original The Hidden mod. Some things are adjusted to possibilities and limititations of HL engine. Some are enhanced of my own view how game should be played.

In the early 1950s human genetics experimentation was taking its first, tentative steps. Amongst many other black projects, a team of British scientists working at an Infinitum Research experimental station stumbled across some remarkable phenomena involving DNA manipulation. This led to deeper research with dangerously unpredictable results, often leading to human patients losing their lives in irresponsible and immoral experiments.

More info here.

Contents :

Requirements top

CS 1.6.
AMX Mod X 1.8.2 or higher.
Orpheu 2.3 or higher.

Commands top
  • say /open
    Opens cell doors in JailBreak maps.
  • say /rules
    Shows helpful info.

Cvars top

The Hidden mod is fully customizable. Look into th_mod.cfg for more information.

API top

Fully working API included. Look into file for more information.

Installation top
  1. Firstly, you need Orpheu. You have just to unzip the content of in ./amxmodx/ ;
  2. Then unzip the content of the provided archive here in ./amxmodx/ ;
  3. Install the plugin*, restart and it's ready.

* You need to compile locally the plugin since it uses third party includes from Orpheu and my plugin.

If you don't know how to compile locally on windows :
  1. Download AMX Mod X Base for windows on the main site ;
  2. Unzip the package somewhere in a folder ;
  3. From the package you have downloaded just before, copy the include files located in ./scripting/include/ to the folder created in 2. in ./addons/amxmodx/scripting/include/ ;
  4. Download includes folder and copy it to ./addons/amxmodx/scripting/include/ too ;
  5. Download ALL sma files and copy it in ./addons/amxmodx/scripting/ ;
  6. Now go to ./addons/amxmodx/scripting/ and click compile.exe ;
  7. You will see a new folder named "compiled" which is automatically created. ;
  8. Congratulations, you have your compiled plugin, you can install it on your server. Restart and it's ready.

Info top
  • Releasing all my mods.
  • You can stick to walls if you don't move
  • You can jump higher when pressing R (+reload)
  • Hiddens secondary attack has delay but it is devastating
  • If you are skillful enough, you can climb walls like spider man
  • Humans can plant sonicmines with F (flashlight) that will beep when hidden is passing through
  • Hidden has thermal vision that shows users through walls with amount of health if different colors
  • Who ever kills Hidden next round becomes The Hidden

Credits top
  • Original mod creator.
  • Arkshine - For topics design, code and helping in forum.
  • Everyone else who helped with code, answers, testing, suggestions.

Installation Files top

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Finished mods:
Trouble in Terrorist Town
The Hidden
Cowboys vs Indians
JailBreak Supreme
Survival Madness

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