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New Major Update! v0.6
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added a super basic debugger. (Uses unmanaged Windows API, untested in Wine)
BasicPawn saves now in *.ini files instead of *.cfg files!
You may need to re-config everything!

Originally Posted by Grey83 View Post
highlighting of lines which have been changed
Originally Posted by Grey83 View Post
mark at the same time several things (in different colors), not just one
I already have them on my todo list .

ConVar and Handle aint hardcoded in BasicPawn. BasicPawn will parse them from the includes.
But you'll need to save your source first and setup the include directory in your active config. Or if your source *.sp is next to the include directory use "Automatic" detection and let the Autocomplete update either from the DropDown menu or by hitting F5.
They should be colored then.

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