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Old 11-24-2010 , 05:52   Attack Marker - Colored markers which shows your teammates where to attack.
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Attack Marker
Plan ahead, Command you team and Show where you are in an easy way!

Configuration Helper
Ingame Commands
Important information
For developers or plugin approvers
Colored markers which shows your teammates where to attack.
You can place or remove a marker by holding down +zoom and then press +attack.
This plugin should work in any game!


  • SourceMod 1.3 or higher.

Thank you Berni, Manni, Mannis FUN House Community and SourceMod/AlliedModders LLC-Team
The beam ring code (halo) is taken out of funcommands: sm_beacon, so thank you unknown dev.

  • v2.4.16
    • Recode and usage of SMLib.
    • Added command "sm_attackmarker"
    • Added hotkey: zoom + flashlight
    • Added hotkey: zoom + attack
    • Attack Markers can now be removed if you look into the circle if it and use the command or the hotkeys.
    • Added "sm_banmaker" to ban someone form using the markers.
    • Added "sm_unbanmarker" to unban someone.
    • Added "sm_removeallmarkers" to remove all makers.
    • Added checks to avoid marking of ghosts in l4d2.
    • Attack Markers will lock on targeted players.
  • v1.0.4
    • Disabled timer when sm_attackmarker_enable is 0.
  • v1.0.1
    • Small bug fix with the think timer.
  • v1.0.0
    • Public release
  • Extract the into your mod dir (ex: cstrike,hl2mp,...).
Configuration Helper:
The following can be changed in <moddir>/cfg/sourcemod/plugin.attackmarker.cfg
Enables or Disables Advanced HL2 Movement (1=Enable|0=Disabled)
The hotkey (default: +zoom) button needs to be pressed and hold down, then press the place button (default: +attack) in order to place or remove a attackmarker.

Try to avoid changing these since, players get confused if this is different on every server.

Default values:
+zoom = IN_ZOOM = 2^19 = 524288
see a full list for values here.

+use = IN_USE = 2^5 = 32
see a full list for values here.
This sets how visible the marker is at start. 255=fully visible; 0=fully invisible
This number will be subtracted from the start alpha value each tick.
This sets how often the marker is redrawn (this is the marker tick rate).
Ingame Commands:
For Admins:
sm_removeallmarkers [team]
removes all markers in the team the executing admin is in, using the team parameter will override this.
sm_banmarker <target>
sm_unbanmarker <target>
bans or unbans a player from attack markers.
For every player:
sm_attackmarker [target]
places a marker where you are looking at or if a target is given (players only) on the target is a attack marker.
Important information:
  • BE SURE TO OVERRIDE THE OLD CONFIG FILE (plugin.attackmarker.cfg in your <moddir>/cfg/sorucemod/ folder)!
For developers or plugin approvers:
SMLib is a lib used by Berni and myself, this is a pre-release to provide the code for the GPL, drop it into your include directory.
If this lib is released the zip file is removed.
The provided plugin.attackmarker.cfg file is configured to enable this plugin by default.
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