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1. Figure out what the issue is
2. Act on the issues there are.

Typically, you (people in general) are going for either FREE or very CHEAP hosting, which have the side effects of being very lousy in regards to performance.

Simple web hosting means that thousands of customers are often loaded on the same physical machine, which means it is probably other customers that are affecting the performance.

VPS may occasionally have the same issues, where "neighbours" are affecting the performance.

If you want to be sure on that part, you need a machine for yourself, which can handle your load. WE're here talking about dedicated servers (also known as "root servers", "bare metal", etc.).

Getting a good and local (or very close to your country) provider will quite often also help the issues, e.g. clients from Germany would have to travel very far to reach web hosting in USA or the Asia Pacific region.

Best thing here would be to take some hosting in Germany, but again, not all hosting in Germany may be good. Your own ISP could be a "low end" and lousy one, that doesn't have a very good connectivity, and in a such case, it doesn't really matter which provider you take.

And also, the same thing could be effective for your hosting (and potentially: them or their ISP).

The linked site loads very fast from my end though.
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