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Damage Sound
You hear a sound when you hit/damage an other player!

  • With this plugin a player hears a sound if he damaged another player.
  • You can configure it to pitch (higher/brighter) a sound higher on multiple hits to indicate multiple hits *derp*.
  • Every player can choose to disable this plugin or change its settings with the chat command: !settings or !hitsound.
  • You can change the sound played with a console variable.
Requirements for server admins:
  • Sourcemod 1.5 or higher (currently I'm using snapshots )
Requirements for developers:
  • Sourcemod 1.5 or higher (currently I'm using snapshots )
  • Git & account etc.
  • SMLIB:feature-pluginmanager (just clone the damage-sound repo, it contains the latest version)
Known Issues:
How to report issues:
Please, search what you'd like to report here first:
You can't find it? Then continue to read the following - lets call it guide lines.
  1. What game are you running the plugin on. (CSS, HL2DM, TF2, etc...)
  2. What the problem is:
    • The server is crashing, lagging, etc.
    • The plugin isn't loading.
    • The plugin isn't working as you expect it.
    • ...
  3. Optional: What the server console prints, when you type the following into it without "" (if you can't access the server console directly use HLSW):
    1. "plugin_print"
    2. "meta list"
    3. "sm plugins list"
    4. "sm exts list"
  4. Search the latest error log (<moddir>/addons/sourcemod/logs/error_xxxxxx.log) that contains an error about this plugin.
Plugin console variables:
sm cmds damagesound
[SM] Listing 3 commands for: Damage Sound
           [Name]               [Type]       [Help]
           sm_damagesound       console      Shows the damagesound menu
           sm_damagesound_test  admin        Creates a hurt event of the game engine to test the damage sound
           sm_hitsound          console      Shows the damagesound menu
Plugin console variables:
sm cvars damagesound
[SM] Listing 9 convars for: Damage Sound
           [Name]                           [Value]
           damagesound_client_enable        1
           damagesound_client_pitch         0
           damagesound_client_pitch_time    2.0
           damagesound_client_volume        70
           damagesound_delay                0.0
           damagesound_enable               1
           damagesound_path                 buttons/button10.wav
           damagesound_version              2.0
Source code and versions:
Drag and drop the .smx file into your plugins folder (addons/sourcemod/plugins)
[foo] bar - he came up with the idea and the code for allowing only defined weapons to play a sound

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