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Originally Posted by nanduh View Post
Well, Here (In Brazil) all cybers uses No-Steam and most players can't buy Steam cuz the price is about 30.00 R$...(About to 15.00 Dollars).. vvg125 said, We can spend money with more important things =P like, with 30.00 R$, I can buy Bread and Milk for 1 Week ++


C ya.
if 15 $ is you weekly bread and milk you just can`t buy two times in only a week (then you`ll have it all your life) the "bread and milk" ?!

i think that no-steam is for beginners. it starts with no steam, it likes it, it buys it.

someone telled that internet is an added fee so you can play cs on steam. it isnt right. in my country 9 $ phone + tv cable + internet that works just great.

ps: i think steam is better because it has a tone of offerts and very low prices.
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