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Old 05-02-2021 , 19:59   Re: Wierd issue after recent CS:GO update (2021-04-28?)
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Got MetaMod:Source to load, by editing the .VDF files for it as mentioned above - but equivelant for Linux:
Updated MetaMod VDF's:
  • 32-bit:
    // metamod.vdf (32-bit) in csgo/addons/
        "file"    "addons/metamod/bin/" // .so added
  • 64-bit:
    // metamod_x64.vdf (64-bit) in csgo/addons/
    	"file"	"addons/metamod/bin/linux64/" // .so added

However, still can not get SourceMod to load - no matter how I specify the library file in csgo/addons/metamod/sourcemod.vdf (as .so,, or

UPDATE: changed csgo/addons/metamod/sourcemod.vdf back to default (not specifying extension on library file name), and finally got SourceMod to load:
"Metamod Plugin"
	"alias"		"sourcemod"
	"file"		"addons/sourcemod/bin/sourcemod_mm"
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