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Old 04-09-2020 , 12:22   Choosing the right branch of hl2sdk and MetaMod
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hey there,

first of all, please correct me if i am wrong anywhere. thank you so much.

as far i know, the cs has 3 edition,
1- cs 1.6
2- css
3- csgo

So, there are many branch of hl2sdk [+], such as sdk2013, css, csgo and so on and also Metamode:source has different branches [+]

well, my main question is how choose the right branch for those 3 edition which i mentioned above? right now, i focus on cs 1.6, thanks if you give a point that which branch of hl2sdk & metamod is the right choice for me?

i interpret the extension as native code (pe, elf files) and plugin as something like amx and scripting systems.

my second question, i got a little confused and can't make heads or tails of using metamod and hl2sdk in my extension source code! are there any hell world! sample for using metamod and hl2sdk with together ? or any useful link?

thanks in advance, guys.
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