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hi people of the internet,

I am about to setup a DM FFA CSGO Server (Linux) with this plugin

I got a few problems I need help with:

- Since Ive installed SM server.cfg is getting overwritten by another config. Its loading when starting the server but most commands dont work, e.g. warmup, roundtime totally wrong.
- I set up mapcycle and maplis, got the maps I want in the voting menu. But the map thats being voted doesnt match the one getting loaded, how to fix that? (Voting Nuke --> Loading Inferno)
- How to turn blood spread at walls off (bullet holes, too)
- How to turn bot talk off? In FFA they are annoying ("Why you shoot me; HELP!")
- How to change max slots?
- Are there any server.cfg for DM Servers to work with?
- Player amount on server displayed at server browse is wrong when using bots. When there are 9 Bots + 1 Player it says 0/11 instead of 1/20. That sucks because nobody´s gonna join

I appreciate any help, please post if you know how to fix any of these issues.
Thx & Greetz

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