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Originally Posted by FlaminSarge View Post
This basically offers a bunch of natives for setting, getting, and modifying attributes on any entity that has m_AttributeList (GetEntSendPropOffs(entity, "m_AttributeList") > 0).
sm_dump_netprops netprops.txt, CTRL+F "m_AttributeList" (though I suppose the netclasses aren't very useful for finding the actual entity classnames, sm_dump_datamaps has you covered for classname - netclass conversion needs).

This modifies the actual entities, not the item server info, so items that pull from the item server (which I presume are gifts, duels, etc) wouldn't be affected, presumably.

Brb writing Randomizer MvM and UpgradeAnytime.

I'll also get to work on changing all the code in VSH to use this instead of TF2Items.
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