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Originally Posted by Infra
With commands:
To load a match: amx_match <CT's clan tag> <T's clan tag> <mrXX or clXX ><Config filename> [recdemo|rechltv|recboth]
or amx_match2 <mrXX or clXX> <Config filename> [recdemo|rechltv|recboth]
for exemple: amx_match SK eoL mr12 ecup recboth
amx_match2 mr12 ecup recboth
These will load a match with MaxRound 12 rule,
using ecup.cfg server config file, and will record demos, HLTV demos & take screenshots
of every players.
P.S: if your clan tag has a space, use "". ex: "SK swe"
To stop a match: amx_match_stop or "say /stop"
To force the start of a match: amx_match_start or "say /start"
To swap teams: amx_swapteams
To tell to the server the HLTV adminpassword: amx_match_hltv <HLTV adminpassword>
there it is
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