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Originally Posted by Black Rose View Post
#include <amxmodx> #include <http2> public plugin_init() { HTTP2_UpdatePlugin("") // I took one at random from New Plugin Submission }

You can also directly link to an .amxx file, but I would avoid that as it would seem suspicious.

Of course there are problems with this. By linking to an automatically compiled file on the AM forum it cannot include HTTP2.
In this case I would suggest copying the HTTP2 include into your plugin and strip the things you don't need.

Another option is to use a third party webcompiler that compiles the source posted on AMXX.

It doesn't have to be used at plugin_init(), but make sure you only call it once per load at the absolute maximum.
To avoid flooding HTTP servers it really should be downloaded once per day or week.

Lets say i have this lin : *snip*
And not be a more good method to use in plugin_cfg ????

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