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Originally Posted by cigs View Post
Crimson, can you or anyone else confirm that the method the plugin uses to force someone to go into black and white mode doesn't work anymore since the DLC?
I can confirm that EVERY time a survivor gets resurrected the character sees everything in color so he/she does not know that he/she is b/w. I added an extra hint text (in the shop plugin, for the resurrection event) for all survivors:

    new target = GetClientOfUserId(GetEventInt(event, "subject"));
    GetClientName(target, PlayerName, sizeof(PlayerName));
       for (new i = 1; i <= MaxClients; i++)
            if (!IsClientInGame(i))
                   if (GetClientTeam(i) == 2)
                PrintHintText(i, "%s is B/W and needs HEAL!",PlayerName);

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