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This is NOT a bug.

Most of the was explained in this post, but I will address your specific issue as well as why you are getting the result you are.

After reading post 86, you should have learned that this intercepts chat and reproduces the result. Anything not using the sourcemod chat trigger system will have issues. Nextmap, rtv, !rtd, and other plugins also intercept chat (even though they shouldn't) to run their commands. Chat is intercepted in the order in which the plugins are listed and loaded. So... if this plugin is loaded last, all the plugins before it will process chat first, giving you the result of "working" plugins. It is impossible to code for this, and I cannot account for all plugins that intercept chat to run commands. It really is bad coding to intercept chat for that purpose. But... to solve that problem, the override section in the latest beta version was implemented. Here you can list single words that other plugins use (improperly) for chat commands. List the commands there and you don't have to worry about the order in which the plugins load.
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