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There are two ways you can add yourself, or another user to admin commands in a server.

1) Going into the server:
- Go into the server by starting the game then go to console '~', and type in the RCON password for the server. The command you would use in console would be; rcon_password "PASSWORD" in that exact format with the " included. To find out the servers RCON password, log-in to the server's FTP settings and go to the main start place and find server.cfg. Open that up and it should be at the top, if you can't find it search for it by hitting CTRL + F and search "RCON". After doing so, type this into console: rcon changelevel de_dust2 (Or any other map the server has). Once it loads a new map, your admin should work.

2) Going into the users.ini file
- Go into the servers users.ini file and setup the the line like this: "STEAM ID" "" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "ce". Having it set-up like that will make it so when your STEAM ID enters the server it is given access to admin. The "ce" part makes it mean that it is referring to the STEAM ID and it is not checking for a password. If you setup an admin to the example I showed above it should work. Restart the server and go into the server, your admin should be working.
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