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Originally Posted by micapat View Post

What are your thoughts about a split between CS:S and CS:GO?
==> Common stuff stay in #include <cstrike>, while the differences go in #include <css> / #include <csgo>.

-) It will break some CS plugins (New includes to add, new weapon/item enumerations to use...). These plugins will certainly become CS:S / CS:GO only.
+) You will be able to do whatever you want in the future (=> Remove completely WeaponID for CS:GO ; Create specific natives for CS:S / CS:GO...).

Valve will certainly continue to update CS:GO and add/modify/remove stuff. Issues like you explained above could happen more and more...

About adding new natives, could you please provide the vtable of the classes CCSWeaponData / CEconItem (Remark: these natives will certainly be CS:GO only, right?)
I want to not break compatibility with old plugins.

There isn't much reason to split the two as we already currently have natives that only exist for cs:go in the same extension. There will be a native to get the actual itemdefinition index.

Not sure how me giving you the vtable of those classes is adding a native... Yes natives for CS:GO
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