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Old 08-01-2020 , 11:08   [CS:GO] Clients time out after manually changing knives if I use weapons.smx
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So, I use this plugin for my server.

I am offering custom knives (from gamebanana) for VIPs, so that's why I made another plugin that gives these custom knives using Francisco's FPVM interface.

Now, the problem is I can't have both plugins on the server because if for example a player used to play with the butterfly knife, then picks a custom knife from the other knife menu, the server will give lots and lots of errors due to some materials not being found, decreasing the FPS for all players substantially.

What I did was commenting out all the knife-related stuff in kgns's plugin and putting normal knives on the other knife menu.

Everything's fine and dandy, except for only one thing.

If the player selects a knife that is not custom (e.g bayonet, butterfly), then reconnects to the server, he will time out. If for example he chooses a custom knife (e.g volcano axe) and reconnects everything works fine. I am using cookies to store what players choose. I am using a timer to assign the custom skins if and only if they are different to the custom knives.

This is my source code.

I am kind of new to SourcePawn, but I'm doing my best to learn it.
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