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Old 02-05-2020 , 15:46   Hitmarx. Custom Hitmarkers for every weapon.
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This works on all mods but more time was put into Counter-Strike than the others.

The main cvar is hitmarx.
amx_rcon hitmarx 1-8

1 Snipers-only (w/ legacy HL support)
2 All (w/ legacy HL support)
3 Dice. Same as 6.
4 Makes a Cross. 4 panes.
5 Organized just for Cstrike. Now also DoD.
6 Mainframe data spinner. Futuristic.
7 Random array of arrays. Stargazer.
8 Random of 5 unorganized.

When players join they see a demo. It ends once they start playing.
Console commands: hitmark_demo starts it. nodemo ends it.
This is for 1.83+. Do not use Web compiler.
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