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Originally Posted by deadbeat View Post
I got this message in the sm ertor log file.L 01/06/2017 -
PHP Code:
22:09:07SourceMod error session started
L 01
/06/2017 22:09:07Info (map "cs_office") (file "errors_20170106.log")
L 01/06/2017 22:09:07: [gameme_connect.smxSteamWorks error (status code 0). Request successfulFalse
L 01
/06/2017 22:13:23: [gameme_connect.smxSteamWorks error (status code 0). Request successfulFalse
L 01
/06/2017 22:34:18Error log file session closed 
It still seems like the plugin is working though. Should I update the steam works exension?
Might be a good idea to run the latest version, it might also be having an issue with connecting to the gameme_connect php script. If you wouldn't mind PM'ing me your config setup just to confirm
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