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(Image Credit: KelpPlankton)

Gamedata link:

You will need the latest TF2Items:

This is [TF2] Randomizer ( remade using asherkin's TF2Items extension.
When enabled, players are set as a random class with random weapons, which re-roll upon being killed.
This randomizer, however, is able to give all the weapons, not just the few ones that have unique weapon classnames.

CVARS - default values in parentheses

COMMANDS (Admin only)

COMMANDS (For everyone, not just admins)
  • tf2items_rnd_loadout - Displays your current items again, prints them to chat, and opens a menu showing the stats of any custom weapons you have.
  • sm_myloadout - same as tf2items_rnd_loadout
  • sm_myweps - same as tf2items_rnd_loadout, so tell your users to use /myweps or !myweps in chat.
Installation (SM1.5+)
1) Install TF2Items and TF2Attributes (links are elsewhere in this post, it might do some good to take the time to find them).
1b) Optionally install SteamTools (search for it!) to automatically change the game description (in the server browser) when Randomizer is enabled (as per the cvar).
2) Place tf2items_randomizer.smx in tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins/
3) Place tf2items.randomizer.txt from here in tf/addons/sourcemod/gamedata/
4) Restart the server if you want to be absolutely sure things load properly.

Download the .smx file rather than clicking 'Get Plugin'.
Compile requirements: file from TF2Items' download package, as well as from TF2Attributes. If you want the SteamTools Game Description feature, compile with too.

If you have the "Custom Votes" plugin installed on your server, you can use the with it (put in addons/sourcemod/configs/customvotes folder) to add a vote for it (chat trigger is /voterandomizer).

If you want visible weapons, and you have SDKHooks and Attachables installed,

Models for the Rebel's Curse and Khopesh Climber:

If your server crashes due to a UTIL_SetModel issue, try installing



Known Bugs
*Ammo is set correctly when the weapon is given, but when players pick up ammo boxes, the ammo sets to what the class normally would get from the pack. Sorta-fixed, actually, for the most part, though you might see some strangeness occasionally.

*Not really a bug, but I left in a lot of the old randomizer code including the ammo fixes (they're commented out).

*Blutsauger health loss is not a glitch, it is it's normal nerf. It needs the -2 hp per second for balance. Get moving!

*Be wary of using plugins that force player class, such as Zombie Fortress. While this plugin defers class changes to other plugins, and should not crash, please let me know if it does.


Where can I try this out before I install it?
These servers are running with this mode enabled, though some may be modified versions.

This was my first public plugin. Things are bound to be turrible.
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All plugins: Randomizer/GiveWeapon, ModelManager, etc.
Post in plugin threads with questions.
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