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The Amplifier

The Amplifier is engineer's building from famous Engineer Fake by Jumento M.D.
My plugin makes it real!

Amplifier makes teammates' (and disguised spies') shots near amp (<200 units) to be critical. Works with sniper rifle and knife too!
Engineer get "assists": 1 capture (=2 scores) for 4 kills by AMP-crits.
You can't upgrade this building.

Model by Jumento M.D., thanx a lot to him.
Textures by me, because his textures made on 3ds max shaders.
P.S.AMP is without "crit" heal-beam.

languages: English, Russian and Polish.

amplifier_particle (def.1) - Enable the Buffed Particle.
amplifier_condition (def.33) - Condition that The amplifier dispenses (11=full crits, 16=mini crits, etc...).
amplifier_percent (def.100) - Percent chance of the amplifier applying the condition.
amplifier_distance (def.200) - Distance the amplifier works.
amplifier_regeneration (def.15) - Amount of metal to regenerate per second.
amplifier_max (def.400) - Maximum amount of metal an amplifier can hold.
amplifier_metal (def.5)- Amount of metal to use to apply a condition to a player (per second).
amplifier_wallblock (def.0) - Teammates can (0) or can not (1) get crits through walls, players, props etc
amplifier_SG_wrangler_mini-crit (def.1) - Controlled (by Wrangler) SentryGun will get mini-crits, if engineer near AMP (sentry can not get normal crits)
amplifier_Announce (def.150) - Info about AMP will show every N seconds
amplifier_and_repairnode (def.0) - Allow use Repair Node and AMP on 1 server without conflicts

Extract "" to "[server]\tf"
Only if server has sv_downloadurl:
You can replace models and textures to BZ2-archives for faster download.
Extract archive "" to downloadurl.

Fix errors:
Add models and textures to pure's white list, if pure is 1 It's important. PURE 2 IS FAIL TO AMP
AMP needs fresh SM-version
*If you get "[SM] Plugin Amplifier.smx failed to load: Native "TF2_AddCondition" was not found", then refresh your SM.
Native "TF2_AddCondition" reported: Failed to locate function
AMP needs fresh SM-version

Use in game:
On spawn (only) engineer will see menu of 4 items:
HTML Code:
Select your 2nd building:
3)Dispenser, don't ask me again
4)Amplifier, don't ask me again
If engineer selects 2 or 4 and tries building a Dispenser, he builds The Amplifier.

2.4 (by FlaminSarge):
Default condition is 33 (candy crits) and other little fixes.
-Fixed "Ghost of Amplifier" bug, not amplifier's effect don't still when engineer move amplifier
-Return ConVar amplifier_and_repairnode, because autodetection don't work.
-Fixed bug, when spies can not get condition from enemy Amplifier
-Deleted ConVar amplifier_and_repairnode and use autodetection of node
-Changed the color of the "Waves" to yellow for conditions that affect the enemy
-if ConVar amplifier_Announce = 0.0 do not will shown information about AMP.
-ConVar amplifier_wallblock
-ConVar amplifier_SG_wrangler_mini-crit
-ConVar amplifier_Announce
-Repair Node and Amplifier can installed on server in one time.
-ConVar amplifier_and_repairnode
-Amplifier is movable
-Engineers can charge Amplifier, when they will triing upgrade it
-Engineer with Frontier Justice can use Amplifier without lost revenges
-Engineer's SentryGun will mini-crit, if Engineer will control SG (Sentry never can crit)
Global update by naris:
-Fixed GetEdictClassname error
-naris, thank you so much for fix warnings.
-Fixed bug when plugin saw not all players
-Replaced old bin and extension to new command TF2_AddCondition from
-Repacked zip-archives for more easy installing

YOU CAN BUILD AMPLIFIER NOW ON THAT SERVERS! (DeathMatch and meat maps) (but not on all maps =( ) (Vikings 24\7) (2fort 24\7)

And video:

P.S.Sorry for my stupid english =)
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