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DoD:S Admin Weapons
by Lebson506th


This plugin was inspired by a plugin I saw for DoD:S a long time ago. Don't remember what it was called or who it was by, and I couldn't find it. So I made this one.

This plugin allows admins with the "t" (ADMFLAG_CUSTOM6) flag to get any weapon in the game. Automatically gives full ammo for the weapon selected including rifle grenades for the Garand and K98.

This plugin also allows admins to give any weapon to any player, or let any player decide which weapon they want. It also allows admin to remove 1 or all of any player's weapons.

The only limitation right now is that the user can only get 1 of each thrown grenade at a time. However, because it is possible to get the grenades of the other team as well, you can get a total of 2 of each. (IE, US and German frag grenade = 2 frag grenades total)


sm_weapon - Brings up the menu that allows admin to get any weapon.
sm_weapon "Name" - Brings up the menu on the named client's side that allows them to choose the weapon they want.
sm_giveweapon "Name" - Brings up the menu that allows admin to choose which weapon to give a player.
sm_removeweapons "Name" - Removes all weapons from a given player.
sm_removeweapon "Name" <slot# (0-3)> - Removes a weapon from the given slot from a given player.

Special Thanks
  • DJ Tsunami for helping me fix a few issues while I was developing this in the IRC channel.
  • monkie for suggesting the translation and menu integration, beta testing the plugin for me, and translating the plugin into Chinese.
  • FeuerSturm for showing me the RemoveEdict bug.
  • GoD-Tony for writing out the fix for the translation issue.
Installation Instructions
  1. Copy dod_adminweapon.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins
  2. Copy adminweapon.phrases.txt to addons/sourcemod/translations
  3. Using RCON, do "sm plugins load dod_adminweapon"
Current Languages
  • English
  • Chinese
Change Log

5/2/2011 - v0.4
  • Fixed translations potentially acting weirdly.
11/1/2008 - v0.3
  • Added translations.
  • Added commands to admin menu by default.
  • Fixed a bug when removing weapons that could cause server crashes after a while.
8/24/2008 - v0.2
  • Added sm_giveweapon "Name" that lets an admin choose what weapon to give to a player.
  • Added sm_weapon "Name" that opens the weapon menu on the given player so they can choose.
  • Added sm_removeweapons "Name" that removes all the weapons of a given player.
  • Added sm_removeweapon "Name" <slot# (0-3)> that removes the weapon in the given slot of the given player.
8/24/2008 - v0.1
  • Initial release
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DoD:S Admin Weapons

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