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Originally Posted by Mosalar View Post
Awesome job Dog! here's a few initial "features".

1. The pistols plugin gives a pistol to the medics(with sm_dod_medic_weapon 1)
2. Medics can heal either team.
3. You can hear the bandage sound from from far away, and on either team(like an axis medic heals a player from the other side of the map, the allies all hear it too) maybe some radius_sound cvar?
4. Can you set a !heal timer/limiter? With a bind you can spam the chat and ears of everyone.

Win 2003 X64
MM:S v1.6.1.671
SourceMod v1.1.$PREVISION.2343
I will add a delay so that when the Pistols one gives out the ammo as usual, this plugin will strip them and then add its own.

Or maybe I should make a class with a number of 6

Maybe the server will crash - running off to try!

Will change healing to team only (but that's against the Hippocratic Oath!)

Will change the sound volume. I wanted others to hear it so that an enemy can hear a soldier getting healed nearby.

Will fix the !heal issue.....
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