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Originally Posted by Cerise View Post
where should i find which number corresponds to which effect ?
No one knows exactly,
5 = Halo Glow
4 = Community Sparkles
2 = Valve Fire
1 or 3, cant remember, is a much larger fire. Those are the only known ones atm.

Originally Posted by TheSpyHunter View Post
I copied everything to my server, changed the default id to mine and added another admin (lets call him admin(2)), leaving everything else as default.

I rebooted the server then ran the command, waited for admin(2) to join.

I killed them and no weapon showed, they killed me and no weapon showed.

Running mm1.8 sm 1.3, windows.
Did you actually have the weapons out though, the example is a Community Pyro Shotgun with added atributes, VALVe Rocket Launcher with the old overpowered attributes and a Community Knife with only level and quality edited. You can disable weapon quick switch to see the names in the list, but the particles on the shotgun and rocket launcher are pretty noticeable.

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