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Old 09-02-2015 , 14:01   Changes - Part 1: Plugin Posts and Approval

We have two sizable changes happening, with the first one just implemented over the past day, and another coming soon with a separate news post.

Due to the huge number of new plugins being posted to share with users, and the small moderation team, there is no longer a line between "New Plugins" and "Approved Plugins". All plugins are now considered to be approved by default, unless a moderator ("Plugin Approver") marks it as unapproved due to breaking rules or being generally harmful. Plugin Approvers still have moderation rights in the section and can unapprove or re-approve plugins. The "Approved Plugins" and "New Plugins" subforums have now been merged, leaving only "Plugins".

Users posting plugins can post directly into this new forum, and not have to worry about users possibly being afraid to try plugins not marked as "Approved". Users are encouraged to use the forum's thread rating system to tacitly share their experience of how well a plugin is scripted and functions.

If you come across any issues with these changes, please post a comment in this thread.

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