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Originally Posted by Bacardi View Post
Could you try one thing ?
When that lag happen and you see update rate held on 24,
go to spectator team, type in your own game console cl_updaterate 130, then go back in team T or CT.

Does update rate increase 24 -> 128 ?
*Seems using JUMP button in spect team fix bug as well.
*Seems using JUMP button in ct or t team while spectating other player fix bug as well.

What purpose is with this plugin ?
Source Scramble Manager

When map change or player connect to server, does server move player in team automatically ? So player have no time to choose team ?

I did some more testing, the update rate problem seems to happen during the server hibernation when no one is playing on the server. Upon disabling the server hibernation with sv_hibernate_when_empty 0, the update rate stays at 128 even after a couple of hours.

I'll enable the hibernate feature and test cl_updaterate 130 like you mentioned, will update you in a couple of hours.

Regarding Source Scramble Manager, I believe it was there from the beginning as I don't recall downloading it. Seems to allow plugins to allocate memory and such, more info about it here.

No, the server doesn't automatically move a player into a team upon joining. The players have roughly 15 seconds to choose whatever team they want to join.
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