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Originally Posted by AuricYoutube View Post
Just one question, is this plugin late-load compatible, if it is, what do I need to unload/load and if it is not, will it ever be?
Originally Posted by Papero View Post
Originally Posted by AuricYoutube View Post
I see the unloading and loading thing, but it doesn't actually say if it works or no in the github
MyJailbreaks code is written to supports late load from the "first days". I tested late load, while writing the code, only with manual load/unload, unfortunately, it seems to make problems when it's un/loaded by berni's mapconfigs plugin.

I had neither the time nor the motivation for deeper investigations and tests in this issue.

In my humble opinion, Jailbreak isn't a good choice for a multimod server. Never seen such servers working for a long time.

PS: for un/load use the plugins order posted on github.
Load - load MyJB core first, than load all others.
Unload - unload MyJB core at last, first unload all others
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