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Originally Posted by versatile_bfg View Post
I like a few of the ideas but this isn't really designed to be a pug type of warmod, it is for competitions and practice wars/scrims.

I was looking at the FTP autoupload but there are plugins that already do that: This also has the auto bzip part as well.

The advertising part is also another one I was looking at. This would be good for competitions and such.

For more of a pug type of plugin this one might be a better:
Sure, if the intention is more focus on competitive and pratice and not a real pug server, btw i just trowed a lot of ideas here to see what comes

Btw, the features who i called are realy good to see integrated into ur plugin so we don't need other ones, btw ur'e right if we an do it with other plugins isn't a realy big thing integrate...
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