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MOD Compatibility
  • Delete mapchooser.amxx.
  • Put poly_mapchooser.amxx in the /plugins folder.
  • Rename it as mapchooser.amxx
  • Add mapchooser.amxx to the list of plugins in the Polymorph MOD initializaition file.
  • If you run CSDM, the module will not unload after playing CSDM.
  • So, add poly_csdm_off.amxx to every MOD that does not use the CSDM module. (tested but unconfirmed on an active server)
If you know of any MODs that will have compatibility issues like Gungame does, let me know.

Polymorph: Rock the Vote:
This is a simple rtv plugin. Say rtv or rockthevote.
Starts a MOD vote followed by a map vote.
Add poly_rtv.amxx in plugins.ini
rtv_enable <1|0> (Default 1)
Enable the plugin.
rtv_ratio 0.51
Ratio required to rock the vote.
rtv_wait 1
Minutes before you can rtv
If you want to write add-on plugins for Polymorph you can use the attached include file.
Attached Files
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (poly_rtv.sma - 3914 views - 4.2 KB)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (poly_mapchooser.sma - 3776 views - 345 Bytes)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (poly_csdm_off.sma - 2842 views - 205 Bytes)
File Type: inc (667 Bytes, 1372 views)

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