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Polymorph: Mod Manager

This is a map chooser replacement. It allows voting for the next mod (GunGame, HNS, etc.). It does not pause plugins so plugins from the mods are not loaded unless it is being played.
Admin Commands:
Console command to show/choose the next MOD to be played. When you change the next MOD it will choose a random map from the MOD's map list to be the default map.
Default access is ADMIN_MAP.
Starts a vote for the next MOD (and consequently the next map. Then it changes the map.
Default access is ADMIN_MAP.

poly_mode <#>
0: Always stay on one mod unless changed manually with admin command. (Map votes only)
1: Play X maps then next mod will default to next in polymorph folder (Map votes only)
2: Play X maps then next mod will be chosen by vote. (Map and Mod votes)
Default: 2
poly_mapspermod <#>
Number of maps played per mod before you can vote for a new mod. Default 2.
This variable is now customizable per MOD in the initialization file.
poly_extendmod <1|0>
Allow extending the current mod (Mode 2).
Default 1.
amx_extendmap_max 90
amx_extendmap_step 15
  • Install polymorph.amxx like any other plugin.
  • Create the folder /addons/amxmodx/configs/polymorph/.
  • Create MOD initialization files:
    • File must be in the polymorph folder.
    • File must begin with a number.
    • Example file 0_MyFirstMod.ini
      ; Mod Cofiguration
      ; Comments here.
      name "Mod Name"
      mapsfile maps1.ini
      mapspermod 2
      sv_gravity 900
      sv_alltalk 0
      hostname "This server is running ModName"
    • "mapsfile" must be in the polymorph folder. It should contain all the maps that you want to be eligible to be played with the MOD
  • If a mod comes with a plugins-<modname>.ini file (like Zombie Plague), it must removed.
  • If you want a plugin running for all mods then place it in plugins.ini. If you want it running for only certain mods, list it in your mod's .ini file in the polymorph folder.
The plugin will fail the first time it is run. Simply restart the server to create the plugins-polymorph.ini file.

Thanks to the SuperCentral Community for letting me test this on a public server.

Optimization/coding suggestions are welcome.

The changelog is in the source code.
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