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I have 1 server with these:

[01] SourceMod ( by AlliedModders LLC
[02] CS Tools ( by AlliedModders LLC
[03] SDK Tools ( by AlliedModders LLC
[04] SDK Hooks ( by AlliedModders LLC
[05] SteamWorks Extension (1.2.1) by Kyle Sanderson

SourceMod Version Information: SourceMod Version: SourcePawn Engine: SourcePawn 1.8, jit-x86 (build SourcePawn API: v1 = 4, v2 = 11 Compiled on: Apr 11 2017 05:024 Built from: Build ID: 5982:fc8f43c

Game Server: Counter Strike Source
OS: Linux, debian 8 64 Bit
Metamod:Source version 1.10.7-dev Built from: Build ID: 954:b189876 Loaded As: Valve Server Plugin Compiled on: Mar 17 2016 Plugin interface version: 15:14 SourceHook version: 5:5
With this script it is wrong:

The server flies when I connect it. It works well until then.
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