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New update!
v2.2 - [ADDED] Multilingual supported.
MENU_1 = Normal Packs of Grenades
MENU_2 = HE Grenade
MENU_3 = Flashbang
ZP_MENU_1 = Normal Packs of Grenades
ZP_MENU_2 = Fire Grenade
ZP_MENU_3 = Frost Grenade

ADVERTISE_1 = You can receive free grenades.
ADVERTISE_2 = Just say /freegrenade, then a Free Grenade menu will be opened.

WORD_1 = You have receive a normal packs of grenades.
WORD_2 = You have receive a HE grenades.
WORD_3 = You have receive a flashbang.
WORD_4 = You have receive a HE grenade for killing.
WORD_5 = You have receive a flashbang for killing.

ZP_WORD_2 = You have receive a fire grenades.
ZP_WORD_3 = You have receive a frost grenades.
ZP_WORD_4 = You have receive a fire grenade for killing.
ZP_WORD_5 = You have receive a frost grenade for killing.

ADMIN_ACCESS = Only admin can use this command.
Feel free to translate it into your language.
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