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FIRST_MENU_SELECT = \r255 \wViata\w.
SECOND_MENU_SELECT = \r255 \wArmura\w.
THIRD_MENU_SELECT = \r2x \wGravitatie\w.
FOURTH_MENU_SELECT = \r500 \wViteza\w.
FIFTH_MENU_SELECT = \rHe \wGrenada\w.
SEVENTH_MENU_SELECT = \wViziune nocturna (\rpentru mape intunecate\w)\w.
EIGHTH_MENU_SELECT = \wFunctii \raleatorii\w.
NINETH_MENU_SELECT = \rFB \wGrenazi\w.
TENTH_MENU_SELECT = \rSM \wGrenada\w.
SELECT_DISABLED = \dChoose is off.
STILL_VIP_YES = /g[V.I.P]/y: /ctrInca esti VIP /g:)
STILL_VIP_NO = /g[V.I.P]/y: /ctrNu esti un jucator VIP/y. /ctrdar poti cumpara./y.
CONNECT_MESSAGE = [Deathrun]: VIP %s s-a conectat.
GODMODE_OFF = /y[/gV.I.P/y]: /gGodMode /yeste gata.
FIRST_PRINT = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales /g255 /yviata!
SECOND_PRINT = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales /g255 /yarmura!
THIRD_PRINT = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales /ggravitatie/y!
FOURTH_PRINT = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales /gviteza/y!
FIFTH_PRINT = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales /gGrenada He /wce explodeaza./y!
SIXTH_PRINT = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales Deagle cu /g%d /ygloante!
SEVENTH_PRINT = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales /gviziune nocturna/y!
SM_GRENADE = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales grenada /gSM
FB_GRENADE = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales grenada /gFB
CHOOSE = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai ales
HUD_VIP = .::*Viata: %d -|%s|- Armura: %d*::.
GRENADES = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai castigat /gpachetul de grenade/y!
DEAGLE = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai castigat /gDeagle /ycu /g%d gloante(-s)/y!
GODMODE = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai castigat /gGodMode /ypentru 10 /gsecunde/y!
HEALTH_ADD = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai castigat /gviata/y!
CASH = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai castigat /gbani/y!
TRY_ALLOWED = /g[V.I.P]/y: %s, ai o incercare gratuita de vipmenu.
NOT_ALLOWED = /g[V.I.P]/y: %s, Nu ai destule puncte, dar poti cumpara VIP
REMINDER = /g [DR-SHOP]/Y: %s, Foloseste /drshop pentru a obtine Iteme pe puncte.
HOW_MUCH_POINTS = /g[V.I.P]/y: Ai /g%i /ypuncte(-s).
ONLY_ONE = /g[V.I.P]/y: %s, poti folosii doar o data pe runda vipmenu
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