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Originally Posted by canadianjeff View Post
how do I get unbanned from this discord? forgot the reason why I was banned in the first place and its not like I have not donated money to AM or still paying month fees to boost the AM discord
You were removed from the Discord for repeatedly derailing conversations off-topic and escalating arguments. Unfortunately not remembering why you were banned is generally a pretty good indicator that it would just happen again - real-time chat is not always a good fit for everyone, but you're of course very welcome here on the forum.

Donations do not excuse you from the rules or community norms, especially as 100% of donations go to infrastructure and operational costs - so I hope you get value from your donations in the form of SourceMod (and Metamod:Source, and AMX Mod X) still existing. "Server Boosting" is a Discord feature that (along with other features like the Nitro subscription) funds Discord development and costs, and while it comes with some server-related perks it isn't something offered or managed by us - you are unable to boost a server you are not present in, so the AlliedModders Discord guild has not consumed any of your server boosts since you left.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any additional questions.
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