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Originally Posted by Visual77 View Post
That just proofs that SMAC is still working. sv_consistency shouldn't be in a vpk in the first place, no replicated cvars should be in vpks. If you inject sv_cheats 1 into a vpk, you can change all cheat convars from the dev console (or put into autoexec.cfg) on valve servers for example. If you don't want smac to ban, just change the action to kick and recompile the module?

I was making more of a "what if" scenerio.

Like, one potential scenerio, if a casual player was playing with the admin system and happened to change any of their cvars ( !cvar sv_consistency 0 ) in their local server, and unknowingly forgot to change them back before joining a smac protected server afterwards. Another scenerio is if perhaps they where to download a workshop addon that forced some of the cvars client-side without them knowing. etc.

I'm making these arguments cause I see that server groups ban permamently for this detection (and others) and server admins assume it must be a hack (cheat) client. Yes, ofc changing cvars is cheating - but in these cases it's not ban worthy and server admins might stumble upon posts like this and wrongfully assume someone was deliberately trying to use hacks.
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