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Originally Posted by C00ller View Post
Regarding the script/query: You're definitely right! I've made corrections to my original post, thanks for notice.
Thanks! I ran that PHP script (with proper authentication parameters inserted in the required variables, etc.) and it updated all my TF2 users just fine - without interfering with players logged for other games in the same HLStats database. HLStats itself still has some cosmetic/display issues to deal with - hopefully to be fixed in a coming update, but otherwise seems to be running fine.

The cosmetic stuff is includes things such as the display of steam IDs incorrectly on-screen (with "Steam:0" prefixed - regardless of whether it is a Steam2 or Steam3 format ID in the database for that particular game), and linking to Steam profiles where the Steam ID in the database is updated to the Steam3 format.

Personally, I can live with the cosmetic stuff - until there is an "official" update to deal with that stuff - rather than hack it up myself.

Originally Posted by C00ller View Post
Regarding other games: I'm not sure. Thought the new format is Steam-related, not game.
I definitely do not see the Steam3 ID's showing-up in any other games that I happen to currently host (Fistful of Frags, CS:S, etc.). I seem to recall somebody saying there are some other games already using the new format prior to TF2? (maybe CS:GO? or DOTA?).

So, I would assume that eventually all Valve titles that are using some Source-engine variant will be converting to this new format, and eventually mods based on Source-engine will get forced over to it as well.

It wouldn't surprise me if Valve did the same thing for all Valve titles using the old GoldSrc-engine too - in which case AMX-Mod-X will likely need to be similarly patched to accommodate the change. At the moment, from what I see my GoldSrc-engine games (HL1, TFC, Counter-Strike, DMC, and some mods) are still using the old format.
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