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Originally Posted by C00ller View Post
Another solution: update old SteamIDs to new format right in the database.

I wrote PHP-script to update old SteamIDs to new ones (in order to use that change $DB* vars accordingly):


Script does the backup copy of used table and deletes player records with new IDs (to prevent uniqueId duplicating after update).
Eh... wait. We only want to update SteamID's in the hlstats_PlayerUniqueIds that are relevant to Team Fortress 2 - right? So, just those that match the value "tf" in the "game" field? - right? I have a bunch of other game-servers using the same HLStatsX:CE database - including both Source-engine games and mods as well as older GoldSrc-engine games and mods. I thought only TF2 was using the new Steam3 ID format so far?
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