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Old 09-14-2021 , 19:46   Auto Server Shutdown When No Valve Connection
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every patch tuesday the connection to valve servers goes down got me thinking if a plugin and/or extension could be made to auto kick everyone and/or auto shutdown the server to prevent potential hijacking of the servers from unauthorized players I already have a plugin in place that if steam is down and someone joins the server they are kicked with the following

Could not establish connection to Steam servers.

sm plugins list
[SM] Listing 97 plugins:
  01 "Anti-Flood" ( by AlliedModders LLC
  02 "Client Preferences" ( by AlliedModders LLC
  03 "[ANY] Dev Cmds" (1.19) by SilverShot
  04 "Fun Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
  05 "[ANY] Command Logger" (06.27.2021) by linux_canadajeff, Dustin

Client "JeffTest" connected (216.XXX.XXX.XXX:27005).
Dropped JeffTest from server (Your Client Did Not Auth With Steam, Please Try Again!)
my plugin 05 is doing this kicking of people that connect but not people who are already on the server

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