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Originally Posted by thetwistedpanda View Post
I'm reworking a bit of the logic to prevent players from getting dual error messages, but I can see no issue that would present itself in that manner. Do you have any plugins running that may be attempting to give players a flashbang on their spawn?

*Edit: the original post has been updated with version 1.3 of anti-nade-spam. It features a convar sm_ans_messages to disable the error messages sent to players if they reach their maximum number of grenades. The logic for notifying players has also been reworked to prevent players from receiving dual error messages.*
I don't have a plugin running that gives players grenades of any kind, but I do want them to be able to buy 2 of them when they spawn. And I do want players to be able to pickup flashbangs during game play if they've already used the ones they bought at spawn.

The HE grenades and smokes work fine, when configured as such.

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