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Originally Posted by thetwistedpanda View Post
Thanks for those two errors, I'll look into them today and get back to you.

*Edit: The first post has been updated with version 1.2. I was unable to find any logic issues that would only affect Flash Bangs, so I assume it's an issue in how I was saving the data set. I had an issue in another project where my enum set was corrupting, but as ANS was my first project I never updated it. It now uses a simple array and *should* fix the Flash Bang issue. *
I'm still having the same issue.

I receive both of these messages:
"You are not allowed to use any Flash Bangs!"
"You are only allowed to buy 0 Flash Bang per round!"

Can you code and post the source for the HE grenades and smokes?....These are the ones I need to prevent from being spammed, and it seems the plugin works well for those.

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